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Summer Session Give Away!!


Summer is coming and I want to be creative with some give aways. What does that mean?

It means that 6 lucky families/individuals will be the recipients of a complimentary session that could include professional hair and make up for mom or participating woman! Tracy will select (2) per month for June, July and August! The sessions can be ANY of these types of sessions;⁠

1. Family (with any age children)⁠
2. Newborn⁠
3. First Birthday (or other “milestone” session)⁠
4. BRANDING or Headshot session⁠
5. Women’s beauty session (not boudoir) i.e. having a milestone birthday (30, 40, 50 etc…), divorce, new job, or just want to celebrate “you” with beautiful portraits!⁠
6. Maternity
7. High School Seniors

If you are interested or know someone who might be send them here and have them  fill out this form and send email it back. Tracy will select the families/individuals based on her needs for the session. ⁠ 

Newborn Pictures in a Beautiful Album

As one of the most popular photographers for newborn pictures in the Tampa Bay area I am happy to “stand out” from the crowd by providing a “luxury” full service experiences for my families. 

Digital vs Album

I know, I know, digital files are “all that” right?  At least that’s what some people think until they are educated otherwise.  Don’t get me wrong, I love digital files also but it is such a shame that those beautiful pictures given to you on a thumb drive or through a download, live on computers and phones and rarely make it to a photo album (besides maybe a small photo for “grandma”).  Families spend time and energy (and let’s face it, as easy as I try to make it for you, it is still some work) to create these beautiful images and capture memories together and there they sit on a phone.  All that investment in time and money fits in the palm of your hand.  Sad….. 

HOWEVER, it doesn’t have to be that way!  I can provide you with SOOOOO much more!  Beautiful hand crafted albums (also known as the the modern day baby book!) and wall art that you will enjoy each day reminding you of the love your family shares.  NONE of this will be smaller than your phone…. and let’s face it, for such an important investment…. it shouldn’t fit there where no one can see it or enjoy it unless you open up “your photos”.  

Take an inside peak at “real” albums and other printed products that have now found their home and are proudly displayed and enjoyed by mom and dad (and baby when as he grows) everyday.  These products make a house a “home” and I think they would tell you that these items will be one of the first things they grab if they need to leave their home quickly! Why?  Because they are invaluable and they bring them so much joy!

Heirloom Album

These beautiful albums comes with a LIFETIME Guarantee!  Look at these AMAZING newborn images and beautifully displayed they are in the album.  This will ALL be DONE for you!  The final album will be delivered ready to ENJOY!  More time you can spend with that sweet baby!

Wall Art

From the beginnings stages at the design appointment to the final install…. YES…. this is also done for you by ME!  No arguing with hubby about getting it hung or struggling over the placement and centering! :). 

STEP ONE– Computerized example created in the studio at your design appointment

STEP TWO– Final install done by me or my assistant (or both of us :)) 

Click on videos to view more samples of newborn photo albums.
To enjoy more photos from Tracy’s other sessions visit our Facebook page.

Expectations from Sibling at Newborn Session

Expectations from sibling at the newborn session!

I was so excited to see this sweet family back at the studio with their SECOND baby in less than 2 years!  It makes my heart so happy to have families return to me. And, to capture such a special time and being able to see their now “oldest” grow and see how sibling interacts with the newborn bay is always so much fun.  

Anytime families schedule a session with a baby and sibling it is important that we have a chat before their session about expectations for the older sibling and of course the baby.  Any of my families that have had sibling newborn sessions with me know that it can be a bit of a circus getting those precious images. But they are SO worth it!  But that’s for a whole other blog post! 🙂 

This particular little guy was a little bit afraid of his new baby.  He was interested from a distance but did not have ANY interest in even sitting next to him.  I have several tricks that almost always work but this little guy didn’t fall for ANY of them! LOL!  He was MUCH smarter than me! So- on the VERY rare occasion that I have a little one that won’t even go near his/her new baby we use photoshop! :). sibling-newborn-session-tgp-4

Expectations from Sibling at Newborn photo session Expectations from Sibling at Newborn photo session Expectations from Sibling at Newborn photo session

When all else fails

I LOVE that mom and dad can have their first professional pictures done and have pictures of BOTH of their “babies” in the same frame.  This doesn’t happen often (most of the time my “tricks of the trade” work but when all else fails I can resort to photoshop.  

It is always best to do sibling and family first then the older siblings can leave with dad or another family member.  

Then its time for “just baby”.  This little one was born right before Christmas so we had to include a holiday image for him.  He looks so sweet in this little Santa hat.  

But most importantly getting those traditional newborn images is what makes mommy’s heart sing!  These pictures will be cherished forever and these babies will love looking at their printed images in their home for many years to come!  

To enjoy new photos visit us at our Facebook page.
Check out Photo Gallery to see more photos of newborns, children and families by Tracy.

Newborn Photography – Worth the wait

Newborn Photography

This little guy decided to make his way into the world a little earlier than expected and decided to have a nice hospital stay!  BUT he was soooooo worth the wait! His little rolls are so yummy and those lips….. I loved each moment at this early newborn photography session. Early Newborn Photography by TGP

I love all his hair!  You never know how long newborn hair will stay but I was so happy he had so much for his photo session!  Especially since we scheduled his session much later than I normally schedule newborn sessions. 

Newborn Session when?

Newborn sessions are usually scheduled between 7 and 14 days after birth but this precious baby was several weeks old before he was able to come in to the studio for his session!

Early Newborn Photography by TGP Early Newborn Photography by TGP

Big Sister at his Photo Session

His big sister had a special dolly that she brought with her to every session (and still does) so this special giraffe will be what he brings to every session. I can not wait to see how he grows with this special toy by his side!

Early Newborn Photography by TGP

He is so loved by his family!  His big sister will be the best sister!  I can already tell how much she loves him! She was such a big helper at his session and always ready to take pictures with her special new baby!

Infant and big sister in photo session by TGP Infant and big sister in photo session by TGP

This newborn was such a great sleeper but I loved that he gave me just enough awake time to capture his eyes! He was so comfy all wrapped up and warm and was staring right at me!

I am always excited when a baby gives me lots of good sleep during their session but also a little bit of awake time so that I can capture them awake.  Awake newborn images are some of my favorites!

If you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation for a newborn session I would love to hear from you! Contact the studio at (727) 491-6476 or fill out the contact form.   We take a limited number of newborn sessions per month, it is really never to early to get your scheduled!

Early Newborn Photography by TGP

Tracy Gabbard, Newborn Photography, Precious times mom and newborn baby

Precious Times – Capture them

Precious times

A little late night loving! Snuggles from your baby are the absolute best! As your sweet babies grow snuggle time becomes less and less!

Believe me, I know! As I have watched my “babies” grow I miss these precious times. I wish I had taken the time to captured more of these times.

Did you know that Tracy works with you to make sure she captures your favorite moments with your baby? Sessions are not all about classic smiles (there’s lots of that to) but they are about capturing those precious times you cherish as a family and with your little ones. Call or email Tracy to find out more!

The Best Holiday Gift ♥ Maternity Photography

It is undeniable that Maternity Photography is in the top gifts you can give to an expectant mother or family this year.

Or any time of the year. But especially in these last days of the year, it is the best opportunity to give, share and be thankful for everything this year.

Whether you are giving this to someone else or to yourself, booking a Maternity Photography Session with Tracy Gabbard is the best idea. 

If you are looking for either indoor or outdoor Maternity Photography, Tracy Gabbard will make it happen. Her classy and elegant style will make any expectant family look incredible. 

She offers high-end quality Photography at her Studio in the Clearwater area in Florida. With outstanding natural lighting, she captures incredible photographs for her clients. 

Many couples come every year to start this beautiful journey with her, to share it with the world and keep the memories forever. 

Tracy has special Photography Packages for local clients. They are designed to start a Photography Journey. They will be able to capture every step from Maternity to Newborn Photography and all the way through the First Year.

The beauty of Pregnancy sparkles in every mother’s expression. You can see how happy they are. It’s the sweetest waiting time in any woman’s life. 

Everyone has a different story. Sometimes she would have couples by themselves. Some other times it would be a family with kids who are expecting another baby. In every case, happiness is portrayed in their photographs in a tasteful way.

There are times where the best props are special objects that will belong to the baby. It’s a beautiful memory to be able to show when they grow up. To look back and see how much their parents loved them, even before they were born.

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Can You Guess What Tracy’s Favorite Color Is for Newborn Photography?

It’s no secret. Tracy Gabbard loves Newborn Photography.

Today we are taking you back to basics. And you probably guessed right.

Firstly, “White” is Tracy’s favorite color for Newborn Photography sessions. And it is for many reasons.

White is elegant, full of light and it portrays purity and cleanliness. It is used for many reasons to give a fresh and harmonious feeling to any photo session.

Tracy has been a Newborn Photographer for over a decade now. She has a special ability to capture the most heartwarming photographs of the youngest members of the family.

Tracy knows how important this event is in the life of every expecting family. It makes her feel proud to have the opportunity to be the Photographer to capture the first years in the newborn’s life.

Families come back all the time to capture the different stages. Tracy usually offers a special package that is only available for local families in the Tampa Bay area. The First Year photography sessions.


With this plan, families have the opportunity to capture photos of their babies during their first year of life, and the results are amazing.

It’s impressive how much they change in a single year.

Sometimes, families have their best friend in the studio as well. This lovely dog matches the set. They bring a warm touch to the canvas and overall laughter to the sessions.

Newborn Photography is an investment for your family.

Tracy not only offers digital photographs but also, custom-made products such as framed canvases, floating canvases, and high-quality albums to keep those valuable memories for a lifetime. 


Contact Tracy today for more information

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Pink Mondays With One Of The Top Photographers in Tampa Bay

Good afternoon, dear readers. Let’s start our Monday with pink vibes!



We have the most delicious lemonade in town, absolutely guaranteed to be the sweetest and most refreshing of the day! Tracy is one of the best photographers in Tampa Bay!



This time we broke the mold and went for that classic lemonade shop that we so much saw on the streets in the good old days!



This beautiful couple came to Tracy’s studio to celebrate their sweet daughter’s first birthday.



Tracy Gabbard is a top photographer in the Clearwater area and Tampa Bay in general and her natural lighting studio brings high-end quality photography.



She loves working with newborns and babies in their first milestones. It’s such a fun time in the studio. You will love the set we brought today.



They love pink, and the matched the entire set with colors that compliment that such as yellow, white and a little bit of blue. That baby pink fits perfectly everywhere, even on the cake!



The little one was super happy to pose in front of the camera, her smile and the goofy mood was captured on every picture, her beautiful eyes are so expressive, it’s such a cute session. This ability to capture emotions make Tracy stand out as one of the top Photographers in Tampa Bay.



And of course, we cannot forget about the cake smashing. This is a fun trend that came up a few years ago here in America. It’s been one of the most desired and used photography sessions for the first few birthdays.


One of the pictures is super adorable, you can see her showing her finger forming the #1 sign. As a reminder that she is absolutely rocking her first birthday ever!

It was overall one fun and fantastic photo session at the studio, it was filled with laughter, love, and warmth. Tracy’s goal is to make every family happy and bring them together, when she achieves this, she is absolutely the happiest photographer!

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5 great tips for parents with twins!

These beautiful twins we bring you today are just the cutest duo in the studio. They are identical, it’s like someone copied and pasted one of them into the other!

Having twins is a magical experience and can also be very demanding and a stressful journey the first years, but it’s also rewarding, just like any other pregnancy. Check out these beautiful photos from Tracy Gabbard’s Photography Studio below.

  1. Definitely Sync Their Schedules

Getting your twins on the same eating and sleeping schedule is essential. Otherwise it will just be double work for you.

  1. Don’t Separate Older Twin Babies

When your twins are sleeping through the night, you might want you to put them in separate rooms, so they won’t wake each other up. But that will only teach them to rely on total silence to stay asleep. They need to learn to sleep through everything, even their own crying.

  1. Meet Other Twin Parents

There are multiple social groups that you can find around you and it could be helpful. Visit the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs.

  1. Don’t Double Up on Absolutely Everything

Of course, you will need two car seats, cribs and other essentials, but having twin babies does not mean that you must buy everything twice, mix it up a little bit too! They probably have different personalities and like different toys.

  1. Buy Your Baby Essentials Online

Twin babies go through diapers, wipes and other everyday items at the speed of light. To help with your everyday life, you could use great online stores like Amazon, Ebay and others that will deliver everything to your doorstep. And that’s a huge advantage!


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Aaahh, newborns…. ♥ ♥ ♥

There are few things in this world that can be compared to the beauty and fragility feeling that a newborn can bring to your heart.

They are just dependent of our love, care and affection. And for the luckiest babies, we have families that want to capture the first few days after the arrival of the new member of the family.

Newborn Photography is unique in a way, that cannot be replaced by anything else. You can always have a Family photo session, or a Maternity photo session, but the magic of the Newborn photo sessions resides in that small window of time when the baby is its tiniest size.

It’s a time that parents and family want to remember forever.

Tracy Gabbard has a special love for the little ones,  they are so soft and fuzzy, they must be treated with care. There are special safety procedures that not all photographers are aware of, but she knows all of them. Your baby will be  in the best hands.

She loves having fun at the studio, moving them into heartwarming poses and even into funny and creative ones with props and a variety of furniture and even costumes.

Sometimes families have special stories to share with Tracy and she helps them portray them into the photography session so that later in life, they can tell a story. Even when she uses some soft pieces of cloths with different textures, the newborns are so tiny, you can see the details in the fabric and it’s just captivating.

We celebrate the miracle of life and create a high-end finished product that can be printed or hung on the wall, there are many ways you can express your love for your baby. Check out Tracy’s featured products and decide the best way you can invest for your family.

Contact Tracy today for more information about her services in the Tampa Bay area.

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The Magical Miracle Of Life Portrayed In Newborn Photography

We love newborns and we must share our love with you. Every little baby is cuter than the other and we just can’t have enough.

Their soft and smooth skin is irresistible, you will always be very tempted to kiss their foreheads! Fair warning, you will be guaranteed to go “aaawwwwnn” to every photograph we are sharing with you today.

With over a decade of a passionate career specialized in family and newborn photography, Tracy Gabbard is dedicated to creating high-end memories of the most important moments in the lives of many families in the Tampa Bay area.

Newborns are her absolute favorite little ones to work with and she can create an artistic canvas with different objects and props.

Everyday, couples who are expecting the arrival of the new member of the family, come to her with creative ideas for their first photo session.

They often do what we call the First Year Plan, and it’s dedicated to capture the growth process of the newborn from the very first days of being born to his/her first steps.

The first days, it is indispensable to photograph the cutest closeups of the baby’s hands and feet, they are at the tiniest size they will ever be and it’s a valuable memory you want to keep forever. Slowly progressing from them having their eyes closed to finally being able to see their eyes and their expression.

It is truly an amazing journey, not to mention how some babies start crawling all the way to sitting up and taking their first steps on camera. It’s a transition that every parent wants to have to be able to keep forever. It’s such a priceless moment in life. At the end of the year, the baby’s personality starts to flourish and Tracy makes sure to capture that as well.

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Today’s Newborn Photography Session Will Steal Your Heart

This loving couple and the new most loved member of the family came into Tracy’s Studio for a special Newborn Photography session.

This time, Tracy decided to take a very clean, fresh approach and the result is very heartwarming.

This picture intends to capture the beauty of the smallest feet in the family, it is a very special moment in their lives.

It was such a fun moment when Tracy wrapped him up with this soft cloth. You can see that little smile. Tracy always makes sure to  handle all babies with care and keep the environment very safe for everyone.

And last but not least, a very romantic picture of the new family. More photo sessions are yet to come and tell a new story.

Tracy’s passion for children and families dates way back before her photography career took off. Tracy started working in a preschool at age 18 while working on her degree in Elementary Education.

After directing and owning her own preschool for more than 10 years, she found herself still wanting to continue to work with pre-school age children. As she began to capture the precious beginnings   of her newborn son, she quickly fell in love with photography. Nearly 12 years later, her passion as continued to grow in learning and perfecting her craft of Newborn and Family portrait photography.

Contact Tracy for more information about Newborn Photography sessions and don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to keep up to date with Tracy’s latest announcements.

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Today We Bring You A Colorful Family Story.


The first year has been the cutest photography session for this family.

Loving his full head of hair and creamy baby skin. Tracy chose warm colors that bring out his perfect skin tone. 


Such a detailed close up, showing his tiny feet and the resting position on a peaceful moment. Tracy has an special ability to calm down and keep babies in a great mood during the sessions. It takes a mother and a children oriented person to understand and manage such young tiny humans.

In this picture, Tracy wanted to capture the beauty in the difference of skin colors, and how tiny the feet are. It is one of the cutest parts of the body when they are so young, because you can feel how fragile and young they are.

We often show a close up of the mother and the baby, but this time we want to make sure you experience a close up with the father. Their bond is extraordinary. You can almost feel how smooth the baby skin is just by looking at the photograph.

We know its just early August, but we want to sneak a peak for the amazing Holiday Special Photo Sessions that are coming up these year. Stick around to check out more in the next few months.


Holiday Sessions are very limited and they are usually sold out really fast, don’t miss your chance once the time comes, contact Tracy for more information about this, specially is you are waiting for that special new member to arrive to the family this Christmas!

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5 Reasons To Invest on Newborn Photography Today!

Becoming a parent is a blessing and a great time to celebrate life. One of the biggest reasons to invest in Newborn Photography is to take into consideration the fact that time goes by very fast and babies grow and change every day, so fast that we don’t even notice, you blink once or twice, and they are bigger, taller and you are left out wishing you had a better memory for the rest of your life.

1. The time that won’t come back:

Sure, you can take pictures with your phone or tablet, but no quality can be compared to the professional studio high-end quality photography that we can offer at our studio.

2. The value of an unforgettable memory that you can touch and feel.

One thing that a professional photo session can bring, is that incredible and perfect finish that reflects love and emotions captivated in one photograph. You will end up with a collection of incredibly beautiful pictures of your child and you can choose to hang them on the wall with beautiful frames, have a book with a collection of them, and many other physical forms.

3. Professional, stress-free delivery.

Especially for the mother, the first weeks after becoming a mom can be very tough on the mother, and dealing with stress, developing a new routine and life in general, can be exhausting. At the same time, your baby is still growing and changing as you go. Having a professional taking care of the memories is just stress-free and an overall warming experience.

4. Creativity

The beauty of Newborn Photography remains in the ability to capture the expressions of the baby and at the same time, mixing it with a theme or creative ideas. Not too long ago, Tracy had a beautiful baby whose middle name is Rose and of course, some beautiful pink roses were the best props for the pictures. There are simply countless ideas to make the photos unique and special.

5. Safety

It takes a mother to know how to treat a baby or children in general. Tracy is a mother of two, and it’s her passion to interact with the little ones. She takes care of them and makes sure the experience is free of stress for the baby, children as well as the parents involved. It is truly a unique experience.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment with Tracy Gabbard at

Close Ups by TGP – Look At Those Eyes!

Grabbed some of my favorites!

Let’s talk about close ups!  At each photography session I always try to do a few close ups .  I love the way they capture the details of the eyes and for the little guys their little teeth (or lack of :)) It’s fun to capture silly faces and serious ones as well.  They don’t always have to be smiling to make an impact and evoke emotion.  Sometimes non smiling photographs end up being my favorites.  I love them for babies, kids and older children.  I reached back several years to grab some of my favorites!  You may have seen some of these before but a few of these kiddos are 5 and 6 years old already!  Time flies!  Do you see your little one (or older one :)) in these photos picked by me from the collection of Tracy Gabbard Photography Albums?

Close Ups by TGP - Tracy Gabbard Photography
Close Ups by TGP – Look At Those Eyes!

Summer Special – 3 Amazing Model Calls

3 session add blog

Can you believe summer is just around the corner?  There are lots of awesome changes going on at the TGP studio! Follow along on Instagram to watch the studio make over and on Facebook to see the new product line that is such a great reflection of the modern, timeless portraits that are created in the studio and on location. To celebrate these changes we are going to do  3 amazing model calls that will include some great gifts from the studio and other local businesses.  Each model call will have its own unique set of requirements, dates and gifts and will be planned out by Tracy personally.  There will be calls for June, July and August.  Below are the themes for each month.

June- Pamper Me Maternity 

Applications will be accepted from June 1st- June 9th and the session will be held in July. This special mommy will need to be 35-38 weeks pregnant in July sometime.


July- Birthday Bash

It is my birthday month so what better way to celebrate than to schedule a styled first birthday session!  This model call will be for girls only 🙁 (sorry boys you will have a turn another time!). Applications for this session will be accepted from July 1st – July 14th and the baby should have an August birthday.


August- Sweet Newborn

Applications for this session will be accepted from August 1st-August 15th and the baby should be due in September.  This will be a stylized session that will include new props, new baby items and will reflect the TGP brand.  

Newborn Photography,

Don’t worry because there will be lots of reminders as the time gets closer to each session but it’s always good to set a reminder in your phone or write it down on your calendar if you would like to apply for one of these sessions.  PLEASE share this blog post or tag your friends. For more info Contact Tracy or Signup for Newsletter, up there.

Baby's First Year Photo Album

Baby’s First Year Photo Album – NBP

First Year Photo Album – Part of New Beginnings Plan

Look at all the gorgeous baby’s first year photo albums going out next week!  These are part of the New Beginnings Plan (NBP) of Tracy Gabbard Photography (TGP). These albums are amazing keepsakes that will be passed down for many generations!

Can you imagine having one of these to look at of your grandparent or great grandparent? What a lifetime keepsake! Digital images are wonderful for preserving and archiving but there is NOTHING like a quality printed print, wall display or album that you can touch, see everyday and/or share with loved ones. Sitting down on the couch with your child looking through an album is an experience that uses all the senses and that is priceless.

Flipping through some digital files on a computer is different. There is not an experience associated with that. Hence the families who have their baby’s first year photo albums are so lucky! They will all sit on the couch one day and share this with their children! 

Please visit TGP’s New Beginnings Plan (NBP) which includes Newborn Session, Sitting up Session, First Birthday Session and this lovely photo album. TGP will hand pick photos from each session for your baby’s first year album to create his/her 1st year story.  You can see some video samples by clicking on albums

If you have any question about the album, or want to join NBP, click on Contact Tracy to send your query or message.

One of Tracy’s Favorite Newborn Poses

One of my favorite newborn poses!

The tiny details of a newborn are priceless. I love to “freeze them in time” for mommy and daddy at each session.  Although there are lots of different ways to show off those little “parts” this is one of my favorite newborn poses.  I love how the tiny fingers are showcased but also those sweet cheeks, precious lips and even the itty bitty eyelashes. There is nothing more amazing than these little miracles! 

One of Tracy’s Favorite Newborn Poses
One of Tracy’s Favorite Newborn Poses

To enjoy more photos from my newborn photography sessions visit Newborn Photo Gallery. What are your favorite poses? To include them in your newborn photography session and discuss them with me, click on Contact Tracy

TGP Wishes A Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Tracy!

Just a few favorite photos in the red and pink colors for Valentine’s Day, today. Besides my sweet babies and families that I get the privilege of working with and of course my own family and kiddo’s here are some fun things, I LOVE –

-Girlfriend time
-Going out to lunch
-The beach
-Going shopping
-The movies
-Dr. Pepper
-Buffalo chicken tenders
-Chocolate and peanut butter combo’s

TGP wishes a happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Contact Tracy to discuss your favorite fun things and mile stones in your and your baby’s life.  Schedule photo sessions for your newborn baby,  3 months old, 6 months old, 9 months old, one year old child for his or her first birthday. Family photo sessions are great fun too! Have a love filled Day!!! 

Small, Sweet, Tiny Little Baby Feet

Small, Sweet, Tiny Little Baby Feet!
Newborn Photography

When capturing the most precious moments of a newborns first couple weeks I always try to remember not to forget the details of their ity bity little bodies.  I won’t lie, those little toes and feet are definitely my favorite!  Even when my babies were little I was obsessed with their little feet. When they are that little they even smell good! 🙂  Here’s just a small sampling of a bunch of the cutest tiny little, small and sweet, toes and feet you have ever seen…

Small, Sweet, Tiny Little Baby Feet - Newborn Photography
Small, Sweet, Tiny Little Baby Feet – Newborn Photography


TGP Style – White on White

TGP Style White on White – it is my very favorite color!  

I am always drawn to white in my portraits. To me, it is so beautiful, simple, clean and classic. In my eyes it represents a modern yet timeless look that captures the simplicity of a baby, child or family.

The Tracy Gabbard Photography studio is WHITE and it captures the light beautifully. White makes the baby, child or family “pop” because they become the color, they become the focus, they become the memory.  Not the surroundings around them.

So in celebration of “white” 🙂 here are some of the many white on white images that I have been lucky enough to capture!


Newborn Photography – TGP Wraps Newborns in Style

Newborn Photography – Wraps with Tracy Gabbard Photography
Most newborns LOVE to be snuggled up and swaddled. Keeping them all snuggled is one technique to help keep them content and sometimes asleep during their newborn session.  I love these little ones in the their wraps, and they are loving being in them too! 🙂


Click on Photo Gallery to enjoy more newborn photography.

Who’s got the cutest hat?

Although I love to see all my babies hair or “lack of hair” 🙂  It is also fun to put cute hats and bonnets on them to.  Some of my clients bring their own but I have many as well that I love to use.  Babies of all ages look adorable in hats!  I won’t lie, sometimes it is tricky to get the older babies to keep them on but I work with mom or dad to get it at least a couple of good portraits in their hats.   We quickly try the “distract, drop and run” method and I click the shutter crossing our fingers for that perfect split second shot!  Other babies don’t mind them at all.  Either way, it is fun trying and as you can see they all look absolutely adorable!

TGP-hatsTGP-hats-1 TGP-hats-2 TGP-hats-3 TGP-hats-6TGP-hats-4TGP-hats5


Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

Brand New Big Brothers and Sisters in Studio (Tracy Gabbard Photography)

Photographing a newborn with a sibling (younger ones especially) is one of my favorite things in a newborn session!  I will not lie, much of the time it takes A LOT of patience and MANY clicks of the camera to capture a handful of sweet sibling photos but once they are captured, there is nothing sweeter!!!  What makes it so difficult to capture those precious moments?  Well…. let  me explain!  First of all newborns are typically photographed with in the first 5-12 days of birth.  Younger “big sisters or brothers” have just had their world rocked with a demanding baby!  After those first couple days when the newness of the baby has worn off for them, they often want NOTHING to do with this alien that just invaded their world.  Younger (preschool age) children can be difficult to photograph without the newness of a baby sibling SO throw that in the mix and you have a potentially challenging portion of the session.  I LOVE when the siblings interact with the baby.  These two below were “helping” cover the baby.  Sometimes encouraging them to “help” is a good way to get them in the same spot for a quick photo!

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

Trying to get a newborn to stay asleep while getting a preschooler to cooperate and “pose” is not easy.  Many times the best way to do this is to put the baby on something instead of having the sibling hold the baby.  Often young children don’t feel comfortable holding their new baby anyway and it can be dangerous as they are unpredictable and may possibly get up without warning and leave the baby.  I always have moms and dads helping hands close by for the baby no matter if he or she is in the siblings arms or in a prop.  Safety first, always!!!!  That is not to say that it is impossible to get a preschooler to hold their new baby!  It can be done but always safely on the floor and with adult arms close by to help.

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

And then there are always the “smiling” looking at the camera pictures”  Those are classic and always favorites.

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

I often think it would be funny to record the sibling portion of a newborn session!  With mom, dad and me working together to keep the older child in an area of the baby, and all of us acting silly trying to get them to look at the camera or bribing with little treats!  Maybe one day I will try to capture that on video! 🙂

OMG!! Can I keep her? (Tampa Newborn Photographer)

Newborn PhotographerTGP Clearwater | Tampa

Look at that hair and those chunkers!  She was super sweet and so snuggly for her session today.  She LOVED being held (right up my alley!  To bad I have to actually put them down to take their pictures! LOL!)  and I loved snuggling her when she wasn’t modeling for her pictures!  Mom is n’t on Facebook (yes, I know there are still a few left! :)) so giving her a quick peak of her session on the blog today! (tampa newborn photographer)

Photos by - Clearwater Tampa Newborn Photographer

Newborn Quick Sneak Peak ( tampa newborn photographer)

So- there is this rare phenomenon called NOT being on social media! LOL!  Well, this mommy is not on any of the social media outlets and lets face it, with a new baby, she doesn’t have much time for it anyway!  So, she is getting her quick sneak peak here!  Although we did use colors in her session I love the look of white on white and this baby looks amazing in white.  Really showing off her olive skin tone.  So I thought I would keep this theme going for her sneak peak! (tampa newborn photographer)

tampa newborn photographer

(tampa newborn photographer)


Beautiful in Blue – Photo Sessions at TGP Clearwater FL

Beautiful in Blue – Many times, I find it exciting to make newborn photo sessions, sitting up photo sessions, even family photo sessions with blue as the theme.

Blue is traditionally associated with boys but little girls do look great in blue! Look at that sweet young lady, ‘looking up’ down there.  Doesn’t she appear wonderfully cute in her blue polka dots? What do you think about these babies in their stylish blue beds during their nap time? Oh my! I love staring at them. And, in that family photo, you can feel the close physical and emotional integration of the whole family wearing different shades of blue. I love them all so so much.

You, too, can create memories of your own like these at Tracy Gabbard Photography Studio, Clearwater. For more and latest photography visit frequently TGP at Facebook, or click on Contact.

Photos of newborn babies in blue - Beautiful in blue
Photos of Beautiful in Blue, from Sitting up session, Tracy Gabbard Photography
Photos of Beautiful in Blue, Family photography by Tracy Gabbard Photographer Tampa

Awake Newborns Photography by Tracy Gabbard

Awake Newborns Photography by Tracy Gabbard
As you probably know, through out a newborn session the goal is to keep the baby asleep but I must say, some of my favorite portraits of newborns is when they are awake!  So I thought it would be fun to do a blog post on some of the moments when these precious babies are between sleep times.

I have a lot of fun letting the babies pose for me in their sleep but I also keep going during part of the awake time to capture those gorgeous newborn eyes!   During the time they are awake, unless they are swaddled, they have no control over their arms and legs (called the moro reflex also called the startle reflex).  But all this movement will make for some funny awake images!

I love my job and feel so lucky to be able to capture these special times for my clients.  I have to say though… my favorite part of any newborn session is snuggle time when I get to hold them and maybe even feed them during a transition time during the session!  This is when I really get to appreciate their innocence and their tinniest of features.  Hope you enjoy some of these fun images that were captured during just a few of the many newborn sessions I have had the pleasure of photographing!   Awake Newborns Photography. Tracy Gabbard Photographer, Clearwater, FL.

Awake Newborns - Tracy Gabbard Photography Awake Newborns - Tracy Gabbard Photography Awake Newborns - Tracy Gabbard Photography Awake Newborns - Tracy Gabbard Photography Awake Newborns - Tracy Gabbard Photography Awake Newborns - Tracy Gabbard Photography Awake Newborns - Tracy Gabbard Photography

Tampa Studio Newborn Session – Sneak Peak

(tampa newborn photographer) It was such a pleasure to have this sweet baby in the studio!  She was the perfect little model through her whole session. Even giving us some content awake time for a little bit. I love all the colors and props we were able to use for her session and taking her outside to use the swing was the icing on the cake.   So many amazing studio sessions this month and last and SO much to share in the coming weeks! Keep visiting here and at Facebook page of TGP. (tampa newborn photographer)

Tracy Gabbard PhotographyTracy Gabbard Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography Tampa Newborn Photographer Tracy Gabbard Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography

Summer Special – Free Maternity Photography Session

Summer Special – Maternity Photography Session by Tracy Gabbard Photography

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Maternity-Photography-Session-TPG-Summer Special - 2015
Summer Special – Free Maternity Photography Session

Happy Mothers Day (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) I have the pleasure of photographing many mommies with their “babies” over the years and I am happy to share just a few of them over the last year or so.  I am so thankful to these mommy’s for choosing Tracy Gabbard Photography to photograph the most special times in their lives.  I wish I could post all the “mommy and me” portraits I have taken but I am going to spend some time with my “babies”!  Thank you again to all of you! (tampa baby photographer)

tampa baby photographer


two three six      onefive four    seven


Recent Session Edits! (Tampa Family Photographer)

Tampa Family Photographer I have had so many sessions lately at Tracy Gabbard Photography I thought it would be fun to share a quick peak from each in the order they are up for editing! Top to bottom shows the editing order from first to last. 🙂 Do you see your session up on the editing block in this bunch?! As a Tampa Family Photographer, I just love this first one as she is super excited too! 🙂  I can’t wait to get to all your sessions!  Tampa Family Photographer

SessionEdit1 SessionEdit2 copy SessionEdit3

Tampa Family PhotographerSessionEdit4 SessionEdit5 SessionEdit6 SessionEdit7 SessionEdit8

Star Wars Baby Boy (Newborn Photography Tampa)

Newborn Photography Tampa Hello Hello! As a professional in Newborn Photography Tampa, I’ve been super busy between new sessions, and remodeling the brand new website. But we’ve finally gotten a chance to post new sessions today on the blog!

Today’s special newborn baby boy is one of the cutest! This little guy gave us so many great sleepy poses!! He even was a champ during our Star Wars inspired poses. Some of these weren’t my typically my style, but it was fun to try something different for a change and help to make Mom’s dreams come true! This adorable newborn baby boy also had some super cute awake moments that just made my heart melt! Take a look! Newborn Photography Tampa

Newborn Photography Tampa Newborn Photography Tampa Newborn Photography Tampa Newborn Photography Tampa Newborn Photography Tampa Newborn Photography Tampa Newborn Photography Tampa

Big Sister and Baby Girl (Tampa Newborn Photographer)

Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph Tampa Newborn Photographer

Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph :) Tampa Newborn Photographer Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph :) Tampa Newborn Photographer Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph :) Tampa Newborn Photographer Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph :) Tampa Newborn Photographer Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph :) Tampa Newborn Photographer Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph :) Tampa Newborn Photographer Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph :) Tampa Newborn Photographer Tampa Newborn Photographer I’m so excited to share with you all this super sweet newborn session. As a Tampa Newborn Photographer, I had so much photographing big sister (every since she was a newborn) but especially now with her newborn little sister on the scene! Can’t wait to photograph little sister when she starts crawling! This is one of my favorite families to photograph :) Tampa Newborn Photographer