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Double Trouble! 5 Beautiful Siblings from Family Photography Sessions

What’s better than one baby? That’s right! Two babies. Family Photography Sessions are always better when there are two babies!

At Tracy’s studio, Family Photography Sessions are filled with laughter and fun. Sometimes, we are lucky to have beautiful twins and siblings with some small or long age gap that makes every session very special. 

Even though babies grow fast, their age gap can be noticed a lot more when they are younger, especially during the First Years.

You can definitely see their expressions and capture their personalities on these special occasions. The older siblings are always loving and protective towards their younger brother or sister. Tracy does an incredible job at capturing this with a high-end creamy and soft finish, keeping sharpness and quality in every photograph.

Tracy finds it interesting, and she likes to play with this characteristics as they become possible. For example. In this photograph, you can see these two little ones have a big age gap. It was a great opportunity to create this heartwarming canvas.

Family Photography is Tracy Gabbard‘s passion. She loves having families coming to her Studio in the Clearwater area and creating different concepts to portray their client’s memories. 

It is also very commonly desired by parents, to use the same outfits and match them just for fun. Sometimes they would do it for twins but other times just because it’s a fun thing to do. With this white background, Tracy created a very smooth and refreshing look on these siblings. 

Sometimes, Tracy loves getting out of the Studio and shoot at special locations. Some locations have a special place in the client’s hearts or are simply stunning, Family Photography can be shot either at the Studio or Outdoors as well. 

Last but not least, sometimes everything is even better when there are three! We want to wish you a great weekend! Thank you for reading!

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Happy Thanksgiving from Tracy Gabbard, time for Family Photography ♥

First and foremost, it is Family Photography time, whether you take them with your family or you book a high-end photo session with Tracy Gabbard.

The weather is gorgeous and it is the perfect time to get together and bond as a family. Maybe it is just you and your baby, you and your spouse and kids or the whole family. Family Photography is one of the most classic forms of photography and for a good reason.

Family comes first. With them, you grow, you evolve and you learn every single day. If there is someone who is always going to be there, that would be your Mother, Father or those who raised you. 

Sometimes, life makes it hard for the family to get together. And since most people have the opportunity, members of the family will travel across the globe to share time with you.

Maybe you are even luckier and are expecting a baby. This would be just the perfect time to book a Family Photography session with Tracy Gabbard.

We encourage to pay special attention to your family these days. Make memories, have conversations and make that bond even stronger. 

In these modern days, we celebrate Thanksgiving by spending time with our family. Don’t forget to make sure you express your love and affection.


Every year, families join Tracy at her studio in Clearwater, Florida for a special Family Photography session. She is devoted to her clients and enjoys bonding all the way through the sessions. It soon becomes a tradition. 

These special moments are valuable and won’t come back. Book a high-end photo session with Tracy Gabbard before the year ends. Make sure to ask for the special custom products she offers besides the digital files. There are beautiful products such as canvases, high-quality photo albums and many more options to display. 


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One Of The Cutest Family Photography Sessions In Tampa Bay With Tracy Gabbard ♥

Oh my goodness!

These babies are the happiest babies in town.



This time, we have one of the happiest families at the studio!



Tracy Gabbard and her photography studio in the Tampa Bay area bring you this super cute set from a very special Sitting Up session with this lovely family.



Mom, Dad, and older and younger brother are together in the studio and it was such a fun time. Tracy is one of the best photographers in the area for Family Photography and she offers a variety of services such as Newborn photography, Maternity photography and many more.



Our little one is captivating us with his beautiful smile on every photograph. We have the classic white charged canvas, expressing a soft, clean photograph that can make any room look wonderful with any of Tracy’s featured prints on floating or framed canvases.



Check out these classic and lovely family pictures where you can see them smiling and happy, it’s a picture that reflects one of those moments in life when everything aligns for the perfect photo!



And of course, older and younger brother with matching clothes, they look too cute! Tracy always makes sure to match and compliment the colors in the canvases, the use of gray here is important because it makes their skin tone stand out and the floor gets lost in the background, creating a very clean canvas.



One of the favorite pictures here, featuring the mother and younger brother, you can see her swinging and holding him right at the moment when he looks at the camera. The expression in his eyes denotes how happy he is, and you can feel how strong the love is.



And of course, we love to share all these adventures in the studio and the journey when babies are learning to sit up, one of the first achievements in any baby’s life. 


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Best Gift Ideas For One Year Olds + Cutest First Birthday Photo Sessions in Tampa Bay!

Ohhh, that first birthday in children’s lives is very important! Today we bring you some ideas for the perfect birthday gift, besides the obvious one, a delicious cake. And to make it even better, we got together some of the cutest photos from the famous First Year Plan with Tracy Gabbard.

Fun loving Pony

This lovely toy energizes improvement of your child’s fine engine aptitudes and dexterity. Children love to push and draw the dabs along the runs and curve the handles. You’ll both be pleased by the good times this toy can bring to you and your children.

Traditional Red Wagon

It doesn’t get more conventional than a little red wagon. You and your child will have fun times using this one: You can move her/him around in it on your open-air journeys or she/he can stack it up and take her toys wherever she/he goes. Because of the controlled turning range, tipping is avoided.

Huge Plush Toy

Indeed, for a one year old, almost everything seems huge, and a 3-foot long rhino or bear is the ideal thing for your sprouting zoologist. Other creatures are additionally accessible, including a polar bear, lion, penguin, and for more of a spend too much, a 4-foot tall giraffe. Amazon is a great place to buy these toys.

Baby Car

Here’s a blessing your recently stamped 1-year-old will love for quite a long time to come. Most of these electric “cars” include an intuitive dashboard with lights, sounds, and exercises, it plays in excess of 75 tunes and expressions, has a shape sorter and everything else you have to keep angel involved for a considerable length of time.

A baby’s First Jewelry

All kids love a little shimmer. Surprise yours with precious stones in the shade of her/him birthstone with her/his name beveled. It’s a great gifts for girls, but can also be used by boys. 

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These Family Photos Will Melt Your Heart but #10 Is Just Perfect!

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s that time of the week when we finally get off work and head home to spend our weekend with our family and loved ones! 

We are passionate about families and sometimes the best photos can be taken outdoors, Tracy Gabbard loves going out there to the best locations in Tampa for the best photography sessions in the area. 

Today we bring you a small compilation of some of the cutest families together, we want to show you an example of what you could be part of. It is always a great idea to portrait those important moments with your family. Time only moves forward and we certainly cannot go back, the time is now. 

Whether you are celebrating the first years with your couple or the birthday of one of your sons or daughters, there is no better reason to capture those moments and celebrate the miracle of life. 

Even though we mention the family photo sessions, Tracy also offers an exclusive package called the Bigger Beginnings Plan, where you will continue to keep the memories for your child from ages 2-5 years old. This plan usually takes place in the studio, where you will be able to see the growth process of your children and sometimes accompanied by the parents.

Plus those who are already part of the First Year Plan, are eligible for a very special discount. Tracy appreciates her clients and they slowly become a family, there is so much to share and learn in every session, she develops a special bond and connection with those families who come to her every day. She is devoted to make everyone feel special and to create the best high-end photography sessions a dream come true.

Don’t hesitate, contact her today for a free quote! Happy Weekend!

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The Magical Miracle Of Life Portrayed In Newborn Photography

We love newborns and we must share our love with you. Every little baby is cuter than the other and we just can’t have enough.

Their soft and smooth skin is irresistible, you will always be very tempted to kiss their foreheads! Fair warning, you will be guaranteed to go “aaawwwwnn” to every photograph we are sharing with you today.

With over a decade of a passionate career specialized in family and newborn photography, Tracy Gabbard is dedicated to creating high-end memories of the most important moments in the lives of many families in the Tampa Bay area.

Newborns are her absolute favorite little ones to work with and she can create an artistic canvas with different objects and props.

Everyday, couples who are expecting the arrival of the new member of the family, come to her with creative ideas for their first photo session.

They often do what we call the First Year Plan, and it’s dedicated to capture the growth process of the newborn from the very first days of being born to his/her first steps.

The first days, it is indispensable to photograph the cutest closeups of the baby’s hands and feet, they are at the tiniest size they will ever be and it’s a valuable memory you want to keep forever. Slowly progressing from them having their eyes closed to finally being able to see their eyes and their expression.

It is truly an amazing journey, not to mention how some babies start crawling all the way to sitting up and taking their first steps on camera. It’s a transition that every parent wants to have to be able to keep forever. It’s such a priceless moment in life. At the end of the year, the baby’s personality starts to flourish and Tracy makes sure to capture that as well.

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Expressions Captured In Every Photo Session + The Cutest Photos

Today we have a special article and it’s totally focused on the beauty of expressions. Babies can be very expressive and their personalities show through every picture. Tracy is a photographer in the Tampa Bay area and she is passionate about the little ones and their families. 

We gathered a few photos for you to enjoy and you will see how much a photograph can express. All babies are different and unique in their own way, some are very quiet and peaceful, others are more active and energetic, others are playful and curious and all of them are interesting and amazing to work with.

In the studio, Tracy and the families get together to create a plan for every session and discuss what they would love to see in the final result. She provides every family with high end products and featured prints that will keep the memories alive and can be hanged on the walls or kept as cherished photo albums. 

Take a look at every picture and if you look close enough, you will spot every different expression and you can almost feel and hear their moods. These are very valuable memories and definitely a fun time in the studio.

Tracy is passionate about creating wall art, legacy albums and personalized keepsakes for her families.  Although she believes digital files are important for archival purposes her mission is to guide you through the process of enjoying your treasures in your home and not on your computer.  That is why she will assist you at your gallery reveal to help you design the perfect products for your home.

Please contact Tracy to start planning your investment in photography and an ideal session with her. 

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3 Caring Tips For Your Baby’s Feet Plus The Cutest Tiny Feet Close Ups!

As humans, one of our most important assets in life are our feet. We start from the beginning, crawling and sitting up until we are able to start walking and taking steps in life. And most of us are lucky to have two legs and two feet. Today we are grateful for that and we want to show you how beautiful these close ups can be and on top of that, some tips to keep your baby’s feet healthy!

According to the American Pediatric Medical Association (APMA), by the time we reach 65, she will have walked more than 100,000 miles. That’s why it’s important to take your baby’s feet care as a priority. Start them off on the right foot (literally) by taking proper care of their little feet and understanding the possible problems that can affect them.

Here are some tips to take proper care of their beautiful tiny feet from the beginning.

  1. Your baby’s new feet may be blue, wrinkled, and peeling like much of the rest of his body after nine months in a cocoon of protective fluid. Be assured, however, that his feet will recover the normal tone and fill out as soon as he gets warm.
  2. Before they take their first steps, babies need to develop proper strength in their legs to carry their own body weight, as well as the confidence to stand on their own two feet. While many parents look to the first birthday as the target date for this major milestone, the average age when children begin walking closer to 12 to 15 months.
  3. It can be very difficult to resist the temptation to put cute little shoes on your baby’s feet, but they can be an obstruction to growing feet properly. Shoes that are too restrictive don’t allow for normal toe and foot motion.

And of course, Tracy will be more than happy to invite you to her Studio in the Tampa Bay area for beautiful sessions where you will be able to capture your child’s feet while they are still tiny and fuzzy. Don’t miss this opportunity, contact us now for a free appointment for more information about Tracy’s Photography services.

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You’ll love these Beach Maternity Photos but #15 will Steal Your Heart!

This family decided to break the routine and get outdoors with one of the top photographers in Tampa Bay; Tracy Gabbard.

This maternity session was so much fun with such a sweet family. They were so excited to meet their new baby but started early so they could capture the beauty of pregnancy. It was a beautiful day with just the perfect weather. All the way to the sunset, they went for a walk and found really beautiful spots for their photo session. 

Beach maternity sessions create the most precious memories from that special time in their lives, they were so much fun to work with and laughed through the entire session in such a positive photo shoot. Tracy was very excited to capture all their emotions and the love between them.

The beginning of a new chapter in your life is always one filled with joy, excitement and most of all, anticipation.  With the arrival of a new baby, chances are, you will spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on baby furniture, clothes, and even toys.  And while many of these things are necessary, almost all of them will at some point be re-sold, given away or even tossed in the trash.  What will you keep forever?  The priceless images you invested in throughout the years your baby grows.  Professional, timeless, quality images are not something to be taken lightly.  These will be your memories that will be passed down and valued for your lifetime and your baby’s.

Don’t miss your opportunity to capture these beautiful memories for your family, contact Tracy’s studio today for a free consultation.

Tracy also provides photography services in the studio and offers a variety of packages for families, newborns, babies, children, and families, including her First Year Plan which captures the first milestones of the first year of a baby.  

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7 Puppies Invade One Of The Top Best Tampa Photographers!

Tracy is a Tampa Photographer that focus her majority of her work on Babies, Newborns and Families but today was an extra busy day at the studio! 6 beautiful Golden Retriever Puppies are much like toddlers… Absolutely adorable but always on the move! All of them are fluffy and playful and they love everything! It was soooo much fun to have this special photo session with all of them! The only time they were all together in one place was at the very end of the session when they were totally exhausted from all the play time and they all fell asleep. Again, just like a toddler! LOL!

They all have different personalities it was very fun to admire their behavior, who was curious, more laid back, calm, and active. 

Take a look at this special session, these adorable puppies were only 6 weeks old and they already have a new home. We just want to brighten your day, scroll down to see more! There puppies are incredibly adorable, it’s a guaranteed “awww” for everyone. We even got the mother to be present and it was too cute. 

After directing and owning her own preschool for more than 10 years, she found herself still wanting to continue to work with pre-school age children. As she began to capture the precious beginnings   of her newborn son, she quickly fell in love with photography. Nearly 12 years later, her passion as continued to grow in learning and perfecting her craft of Newborn and Family portrait photography.

As a Professional Tampa Photographer, Tracy’s main goal is getting to know her all about her clients and helping make their photography vision a reality. Many of Tracy’s clients would describe their relationship as one of a close friend who their children enjoy seeing every time they come to visit. With her genuine care and concern for you and your family, Tracy provides a friendly, and fun experience during each 

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Today’s Newborn Photography Session Will Steal Your Heart

This loving couple and the new most loved member of the family came into Tracy’s Studio for a special Newborn Photography session.

This time, Tracy decided to take a very clean, fresh approach and the result is very heartwarming.

This picture intends to capture the beauty of the smallest feet in the family, it is a very special moment in their lives.

It was such a fun moment when Tracy wrapped him up with this soft cloth. You can see that little smile. Tracy always makes sure to  handle all babies with care and keep the environment very safe for everyone.

And last but not least, a very romantic picture of the new family. More photo sessions are yet to come and tell a new story.

Tracy’s passion for children and families dates way back before her photography career took off. Tracy started working in a preschool at age 18 while working on her degree in Elementary Education.

After directing and owning her own preschool for more than 10 years, she found herself still wanting to continue to work with pre-school age children. As she began to capture the precious beginnings   of her newborn son, she quickly fell in love with photography. Nearly 12 years later, her passion as continued to grow in learning and perfecting her craft of Newborn and Family portrait photography.

Contact Tracy for more information about Newborn Photography sessions and don’t forget to sign up for our Newsletter to keep up to date with Tracy’s latest announcements.

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Today We Bring You A Colorful Family Story.


The first year has been the cutest photography session for this family.

Loving his full head of hair and creamy baby skin. Tracy chose warm colors that bring out his perfect skin tone. 


Such a detailed close up, showing his tiny feet and the resting position on a peaceful moment. Tracy has an special ability to calm down and keep babies in a great mood during the sessions. It takes a mother and a children oriented person to understand and manage such young tiny humans.

In this picture, Tracy wanted to capture the beauty in the difference of skin colors, and how tiny the feet are. It is one of the cutest parts of the body when they are so young, because you can feel how fragile and young they are.

We often show a close up of the mother and the baby, but this time we want to make sure you experience a close up with the father. Their bond is extraordinary. You can almost feel how smooth the baby skin is just by looking at the photograph.

We know its just early August, but we want to sneak a peak for the amazing Holiday Special Photo Sessions that are coming up these year. Stick around to check out more in the next few months.


Holiday Sessions are very limited and they are usually sold out really fast, don’t miss your chance once the time comes, contact Tracy for more information about this, specially is you are waiting for that special new member to arrive to the family this Christmas!

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This Family Photography Session Will Melt Your Heart

Tracy is very passionate about performing photography sessions in her studio, but she is also always excited to get outdoors with families and shoot at a different scenery, with colorful backgrounds and taking advantage of the warmth that the summer brings. 

This time we want to share this session that took place at a nice outdoor spot in the Tampa Bay area and it’s meant to express the love bond that this family grows together every singe day.


The vibrant colors from the grass bring a very warm and fresh vibe to the photos, which is exactly what the family have been looking for. These memories will decor a wall in their homes or a page in their album. Tracy offers a variety of options for prints.


They are a very loving family, they enjoy playing together and thought it was the best idea to show a playful pose. You can feel the adventure and active side of the portrait in the father and son pose and you can see the more loving and caring side in the pose the mother and daughter hold for this particular photograph.

He loves playing with cars and it’s becoming a big collector of them. Tracy thought of it and decided to take a photograph of his favorite cars and as the years go by, he can go back and remember his first collection. It’s an unforgettable memory.

Have you seen photos that make you feel exactly what the person in it is feeling? This is one of them. Tracy captured the emotion and excitement that the daughter felt by visiting the park with the family. It was a fresh day with the perfect light and tone for this session.


Your family is the most important thing in life. The moments you live today won’t come back tomorrow, but you have the opportunity to invest in a photography session that will capture the best moments. Moments when you love, you laugh and love.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make incredibly sharp memories with your family. Contact Tracy for more information about her services in the Tampa Bay area.

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Time To Sit Up! These Babies Will Melt Your Heart

Babies are capable of doing many things on their own, like learning to sit up. When your baby sits up depends a lot on your baby and how their motor skills are progressing. Scroll down for your daily dose of cuteness overload!



Sit Up! + Best Friend, Of Course

His dog is absolutely proud, look at those smiley faces. Absolutely adorable. When a baby can hold their head up and roll from front to back, sitting is definitely on the horizon. However, some babies get the crawling (army crawl) bug before the sitting bug. 

Each baby is different, but typically babies learn to sit up between 4 and 8 months, some babies take as long as 9 months to fully get it or more. It sometimes seems like your baby will never stop needing an arm to hold themselves up and then all of a sudden they are sitting up perfectly!

Look, mom! No hands!

Watching a baby figure out sitting up is wonderful to watch. Because every baby is different, there is no standard position a baby uses to sit up. 

And by the way, that’s enough sitting up for the day, he is now busy playing with his favorite toys. Happy Friday!

Tracy is passionate about creating wall art, legacy albums and personalized keepsakes for her families.  Although she believes digital files are important for archival purposes her mission is to guide you through the process of enjoying your treasures in your home and not on your computer.  That is why she will assist you at your gallery reveal to help you design the perfect products for your home.  Individual products start at 150.00 and the average client invests around 750.00 to 3500.00 on their forever keepsakes. 

Please contact Tracy to start planning your investment in photography and an ideal session with her. 


Summer Special – Free Maternity Photography Session

Summer Special – Maternity Photography Session by Tracy Gabbard Photography

Are you looking forward to welcoming your newborn ‘bundle of joy’ this June, July, August or September? Wow! here is your chance to get a complimentary mini maternity session in Tracy Gabbard’s Photography Studio!

Enroll in the popular  New Beginnings Plan (NBP) that Tracy Gabbard Photography offers, or schedule a  Newborn Photography Session for your baby, and receive a complimentary Mini Maternity Photography Session.

These days, these moments of your life are just so precious, you never want to forget. You want to treasure these. Capture these memories with Tracy Gabbard Photography’s  Special Summer Promo!

The NBP is a special collection plan that includes newborn session, sitting-up session and first birthday session. That’s documenting the first year of your baby’s life! A newborn session is a once in a lifetime session that takes place with in the first 14 days of birth.  You can learn more about the New Beginnings Plan here.

Contact Tracy for any questions and let this newborn photographer capture your exciting times for you.

Mommies, what are you waiting for? Click on the photo below to register now for one time Newborn Photography Session, or The New Beginnings Plan and get your Mini Maternity Photography Session FREE!

Maternity-Photography-Session-TPG-Summer Special - 2015
Summer Special – Free Maternity Photography Session

New Year Maternity and Newborn Special! (Tampa Maternity Photographer)

Tampa Maternity Photographer The New Year is finally here! As a way to kick it off right we have a special treat for some of you! Attention Mommies-to-be! TGP is having a New Year Special! Pre-book your Newborn session or become an official New Beginnings Plan Member and receive a FREE Maternity mini-session ($79.99 value) For a limited time only! Email me for more details!  Offer ends 2/27/2015 Tampa Maternity PhotographerBlogMaternityPost

Summertime Maternity Session (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer) So I have to say that these two were absolutely adorable during their maternity session on this warm summer afternoon. I was so happy that the weather worked out for us! We were at a local park for this one and the sunlight was awesome! As a tampa maternity photographer,  I can still remember how thrilled mommy and daddy were for the soon expected arrival of their sweet bundle of joy. Also, they love love love FSU (if you couldn’t already tell 🙂 Can’t wait to share their newborn session soon ! Stay tuned! (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer
Dulane Collage3
tampa maternity photographer


tampa maternity photographer

Fun in the Sun Beach Maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer) This awesome couple was lots of fun. They traveled from Plant City all the way to Clearwater Beach for their beach session. Their love for each other was totally obvious during their session and as a Tampa maternity photographer I love being able to capture that for them. The pure joy for their new baby truly makes the images so real and meaningful.

     It was an absolutely beautiful night (as you can see). We thought it might be chilly but it turned out to be gorgeous. The wrap material on the beach was all Mommy’s idea. She braved changing on the beach (thankfully it was not to busy that night) and we even thought the “beach police” were headed our way at one point as she was changing! She was covered with a towel but we were all like nervous teenagers! LOL! We had tons of fun and captured some really great images for their maternity session. The couple’s newborn session was just as awesome and I look forward to sharing their precious baby girl soon! Stay tuned! (tampa maternity photographer)



tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer




tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer

Beautiful light, Beautiful Beach Maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(Tampa maternity photographer)  Scheduling a beach session at this time of the year is always challenging with the unpredictable weather.  Well, who am I kidding- scheduling a beach session at anytime of the year is challenging in Florida as we NEVER know when a rain shower could arrive but during this time of the year there are other elements to consider as well.  Wind and cold temperatures are at the top of the concern list for this time of the year.  It was not different for this tampa maternity session.  We had it scheduled for just a little bit later but this smart mommy to be was watching the weather and contacted me to see if we could move it up a few days since a cold front was expected our our originally scheduled day.  It was  GREAT move (as you can see) since we had amazing light, beautiful temperatures and only a little breeze!

I am really looking forward to getting to know this couple this year as their next session will be their newborn session (delivery expected in just a few short weeks) as part of the TGP New Beginnings Plan.  They choose to add on a maternity session to the plan and I think it was a very smart move considering how their session turned out!  They will have amazing images to look back on and remember this special time of their lives!  This will probably be their last “easy” beach session as I am sure any that they consider in the future will include an adorable child! LOL!  (tampa maternity photographer)


tampa maternity photographer


tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer

Beautiful beach maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(Tampa maternity photographer) Wow!  We sure lucked out with beautiful weather for this beach session.  This special couple is TGP’s newest member of the New Beginnings Plan.  Can you believe this mommy to be is due in just a couple short weeks!  She looks so amazing and so happy (daddy does to of course but I know it’s no secret that is is “all about mommy” during this time)! 🙂  We actually moved this session up a day early and it was pure luck that we did since the night we had originally scheduled ended up being one of the coldest nights of the year.  But this evening was absolutely perfect!  (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer

IA5C0397 IA5C0434 IA5C0674 one two

Beautiful Maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(Tampa maternity photographer)  I am so excited to show off these maternity images to one of the newest members of the TGP New Beginnings Plan.  Can you believe this mommy had her baby 3 days after this session and she was only 2 weeks early!  She looks amazing… I know, don’t hate her!  Just wait until I can show off her new daughter!  BEAUTIFUL and yes of course, tiny.. oh so tiny.  LOVED our session together!  For now, enjoy these favorites!

Tracy Gabbard Maternity & Couples Photography – Tampa FL, Clearwater, St. Pete FL – Family Photographer

tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer




IA5C6221Tracy Gabbard Family Photography serving Clearwater, St. Pete and Tampa FL

To go to not to go…. (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer)  To go or not to go… to the beach for this maternity session….it was literally up in the air as I was driving to meet them.  This mommy to be joined the TGP New Beginnings Plan had her heart set on a beach maternity session but the weather was NOT cooperating.  This couple went down early to enjoy a bite to eat before our session.  So they were there watching the clouds pour in (literally!) 🙂 Her first phone call was…. “I know it’s cloudy but I think it will be okay”.  So, I packed up for the beach.  On my way down her second phone call was “It’s raining, I think we better switch to the studio”.  So, I slightly changed directions and headed there.  Her third phone call was “I think it’s clearing up.  Let’s try the beach”!  So, I headed to the beach (which is one of my favorite places to shoot)!  Well, as we all know, Florida weather is SO unpredictable and as it turned out, it ended up being windy, cloudy, cold AND rainy.  But we made the best of it and I must say we captured some of my favorite maternity images ever!  The weather made it a truly unique session and we were able to create some images that could have never happened with a perfect sunset.  (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

So, I am such a bad blogger, especially during the busy season. But I love to share special sessions and families that I get to meet.  I am going to go back, pick a few sessions and share their stories and images.  Tomorrow you will get to see this couples newborn session.  He is SUCH a doll baby.  I can’t wait to see him at his next session.

I heart them so much! (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer) Oh blog…. I am sorry you have been so neglected lately!  I am as backed up blogging as I was over the holiday season.  Lots more to share and I will try to get caught up soon!  Anyway,  my soon to be niece is in that tummy and I can’t wait for her to arrive (which we are hoping any day now (she is due on 9-10-11… isn’t that cool?  Especially since it is my husbands bday) we are hoping she will be early… of course!  I am so excited to get my camera lens on her and snap away! 🙂  Anyway, I am so luck that my sister in law is truly one of my closest friends and I have NO idea what I would do with out her and her family!  Since she has already seen these, it is not really a sneak peak for her but just a fun share for me.  Enjoy!  (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer                                              

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

Hot day and Hot “Mama” (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer) I know, another gorgeous mommy to be!  Seriously, she is due to have the baby in about 2 weeks!  Oh yes, I can’t wait to meet their little bundle as they are new members of the TGP New Beginnings Package so as I am sad to see some of my little ones graduate I get to look forward to seeing new families grow. (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

Expecting….SOON! (tampa maternity photographer)

(TAMPA MATERNITY PHOTOGRAPHER)  I know, look at her…. she is due in TWO, yes, I said “TWO” days!  Can you believe it?  This session was a great as she looks (and you to dad…. don’t want to leave you out! :)).  I can’t wait to meet their new  little bundle arriving anytime now. They are part of the TGP New Beginnings Collection so I am lucky enough to be able to photograph them this whole year and watch them grow as a family!  (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

Maternity…. (tampa maternity photographer)

I love the maternity sessions with my New Beginnings Collection members.  It’s great to finally get to meet them (if we haven’t already) and spend some time getting to know them and maternity sessions are just the time to do that.  The next time I meet them they have a baby and we all know how the rest of the sessions go from there  🙂  Personal, “getting to know you” chit chat is VERY minimal as EVERYTHING is now about that precious little life!  Its fun to watch these couples grown with their babies through out the year.  This couple was special in many ways but one of them is that they have chosen to WAIT (yes, I said WAIT) until the baby is born to find out what it is!  Okay- that tells me they will be amazing parents, to wait for that bit of news tells me that they have amazing patience! A trait we all know is a must have for kids!  Anyway,  I can’t wait to find out what they are having but I will have to wait with everyone else.  At least I am on their “Call list” when the baby is born so I can find out right away! 🙂

Tampa Maternity Photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

Stunning! (tampa maternity photographer)

Wow… I had the most difficult time trying to decide what images to blog from this Tampa maternity session!  This special mommy to be is a member of the exclusive TGP New Beginnings Plan.  Maternity sessions are so special and each one is unique to the new mom.  This Tampa maternity session was no different!  This couple was amazing to work with and so much fun.  We had perfect Tampa weather for this maternity session(okay, well maybe there were just a few drops of rain but they were quick to leave us).  In order to make a really great maternity session it is always good to have a few changes of clothing.  I have a few things as well that I always bring, just in case.  I also LOVE when my families, pregnant mommies and high school seniors incorporate personal items into their session.  This maternity session included a pair of baby shoes (shown below) that “daddy” wore as a little guy.  As a Tampa maternity photographer I love to have sessions all over the Tampa area.  The Tampa bay beaches always provide us with beautiful images but other fun “Tampa” places are Ybor City (or any local downtown area), local parks and many families choose their own homes for sessions.  That makes it really personal!  Anyway, here is  a big ole’ sneak peak for this couple as I could not choose any less images to share.  There are so many more great ones!

tampa maternity photographer

tampa maternity photographer

Baby Bump! (clearwater, tampa maternity photographer)

I often say, one of the best parts of the job is meeting new clients. And it was such a pleasure to meet this “mommy and daddy to be” after several phone conversations and lots of emails!  She owns a great local florist shop in Dunedin so we of course had to incorporate lots of flowers into her session…. to many to blog!  But check out her web site and stop by her shop in Dunedin sometime  wwww.floristofthenorthwoods.com!  For now, enjoy a sneak peak!




Whats a maternity session without some the fan and some glamour to make it just that much more fun????


How cool is that to incorporate your logo into your session?


_MG_5800bw copy

Marvelous Maternity… WOW! (tampa, clearwater maternity photographer)

This awesome couple came in for a maternity session with an open mind and willing to try anything! Check out these awesome images that we were able to capture!  AND can you believe, mom is only two weeks away from having her little one?!  Just a quick tip for any mommies to be that are considering a maternity session with any photographer, usually the best month to have your photos taken is right about 8 months but this couple “rocked it” anyway!  Anyway, enjoy these stunning images!

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