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Time To Sit Up! These Babies Will Melt Your Heart

Babies are capable of doing many things on their own, like learning to sit up. When your baby sits up depends a lot on your baby and how their motor skills are progressing. Scroll down for your daily dose of cuteness overload!



Sit Up! + Best Friend, Of Course

His dog is absolutely proud, look at those smiley faces. Absolutely adorable. When a baby can hold their head up and roll from front to back, sitting is definitely on the horizon. However, some babies get the crawling (army crawl) bug before the sitting bug. 

Each baby is different, but typically babies learn to sit up between 4 and 8 months, some babies take as long as 9 months to fully get it or more. It sometimes seems like your baby will never stop needing an arm to hold themselves up and then all of a sudden they are sitting up perfectly!

Look, mom! No hands!

Watching a baby figure out sitting up is wonderful to watch. Because every baby is different, there is no standard position a baby uses to sit up. 

And by the way, that’s enough sitting up for the day, he is now busy playing with his favorite toys. Happy Friday!

Tracy is passionate about creating wall art, legacy albums and personalized keepsakes for her families.  Although she believes digital files are important for archival purposes her mission is to guide you through the process of enjoying your treasures in your home and not on your computer.  That is why she will assist you at your gallery reveal to help you design the perfect products for your home.  Individual products start at 150.00 and the average client invests around 750.00 to 3500.00 on their forever keepsakes. 

Please contact Tracy to start planning your investment in photography and an ideal session with her. 


Baby's First Year Photo Album

Baby’s First Year Photo Album – NBP

First Year Photo Album – Part of New Beginnings Plan

Look at all the gorgeous baby’s first year photo albums going out next week!  These are part of the New Beginnings Plan (NBP) of Tracy Gabbard Photography (TGP). These albums are amazing keepsakes that will be passed down for many generations!

Can you imagine having one of these to look at of your grandparent or great grandparent? What a lifetime keepsake! Digital images are wonderful for preserving and archiving but there is NOTHING like a quality printed print, wall display or album that you can touch, see everyday and/or share with loved ones. Sitting down on the couch with your child looking through an album is an experience that uses all the senses and that is priceless.

Flipping through some digital files on a computer is different. There is not an experience associated with that. Hence the families who have their baby’s first year photo albums are so lucky! They will all sit on the couch one day and share this with their children! 

Please visit TGP’s New Beginnings Plan (NBP) which includes Newborn Session, Sitting up Session, First Birthday Session and this lovely photo album. TGP will hand pick photos from each session for your baby’s first year album to create his/her 1st year story.  You can see some video samples by clicking on albums

If you have any question about the album, or want to join NBP, click on Contact Tracy to send your query or message.

Babies on the Move – Sitting Up Child Photography

Babies on the Move! These little crawlers were on the move in the TGP studio! I love that with the New Beginnings Plan we can capture each stage of babies first year. Crawling is a big milestone and the New Beginnings Plan helps capture that for families!

Click on New Beginnings Plan for details of the NBP.

TGP Photography - child photography
Babies on the Move – Sitting Up Child Photography by Tracy Gabbard Photography

TGP Style – White on White

TGP Style White on White – it is my very favorite color!  

I am always drawn to white in my portraits. To me, it is so beautiful, simple, clean and classic. In my eyes it represents a modern yet timeless look that captures the simplicity of a baby, child or family.

The Tracy Gabbard Photography studio is WHITE and it captures the light beautifully. White makes the baby, child or family “pop” because they become the color, they become the focus, they become the memory.  Not the surroundings around them.

So in celebration of “white” 🙂 here are some of the many white on white images that I have been lucky enough to capture!


Handsome Little Guy (Baby Photographer Tampa)

Baby Photographer Tampa I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly cute this little guy was in the studio. As a Baby Photographer in Tampa, I love seeing how big the babies have grown since their newborn session. This cutie had his newborn session done with Tracy Gabbard Photography and came back for his sitting up session. He loved interacting with the camera and gave some of the sweetest poses. Although he wasn’t crazy about keeping his hat on,  I was even able to get a few kissy faces from him towards the end of his session. What a doll! Can’t wait for his First birthday session!! 🙂 Baby Photographer Tampa

Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer TampaBaby Photographer TampaBaby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa

(Baby Photographer Tampa) Happy Baby girl!

Baby Photographer Tampa This super cute baby was so fun and playful during her session. As a Baby photographer in Tampa, it was so fun to see how much this little one had grown since I photographed her newborn session.  Mom brown a shell prop that was used in her newborn session that we were able to use in this sitting up session. This super happy baby girl gave me so many smiles! We were even able to get sweet Mommy and me photos that I know Mom will treasure forever! Can’t wait to photograph her first birthday session! Baby Photographer Tampa

Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer TampaBaby Photographer Tampa  Baby Photographer TampaBaby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa

Sweet Baby Girl (Tampa baby Photographer)

Tampa Baby Photographer Okay! So as a Tampa Baby Photographer, my schedule has been a bit busy lately but I’ve finally managed to get this cute little lady up on the blog! She was an adorable addition to the studio! With her cute kissy faces and super chunky baby rolls, this baby girl was nothing but precious! She’s grown so much since I photographed her newborn session! Can’t wait to celebrate her first year! :) Tampa Baby Photographer

Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer

Pretty Little Lady (Tampa baby Photographer)

Tampa Baby Photographer This little lady was so good during her sitting up session in the studio! As a Tampa Baby Photographer, I loved that she was crawling around the studio and gave me such sweet smiles during this sitting up session! We had so much fun playing dress up at the beginning of the session with the pearls and fancy head pieces :) And the special white crocheted dress that this little lady wore at the end of her sitting up session was handmade by her grandmother! What a sweet keepsake for this precious little lady! Tampa Baby Photographer

Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer


Pretty Blue Eyes (Tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) This little lady has grown so much since her newborn session and lots of “chunkers” which I LOVE! As a full-time baby lover and a Tampa baby photographer, this sitting up session was so much fun for me. Mom and I planned to use the quilt from this little lady’s nursery for all her session so it would be a great way to show the growth in her from each session. As you can see from the playful photos, l loved her quilt too! I especially loved that this baby girl has big beautiful blue eyes that were super fun to capture in the light. tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer
tampa baby photographer
tampa baby photographer




tampa baby photographer

Simply Adorable Baby Boy and Big Sister (Tampa baby photographer)

tampa baby photographer This session was one of my absolute favorites! As a tampa baby photographer, I’ve been working with this family since this baby boy’s big sister was in Mommy’s tummy! One of my favorite features about this sitting up session was brother and sister’s precious fire-fighter inspired outfits since Dad is a fire-fighter. Mom always has the cutest outfits for these two little ones. Another special part of this session was when big sister leaned over and gave little brother a big kiss! Big sister just loved giving her baby brother kisses 🙂 It was hillarious and heart-felt at the same time! I am so looking forward to this baby boy’s one year session when Mom remembers to bring Dad’s firefighter gear so we can get a before and after from his newborn session! (tampa baby photographer)


tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer
tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer

Blue eyes (safety harbor baby photographer)

(safety harbor baby photographer) These kids have the most amazing blue eyes!  Both of them!  I have know this family for several years as I have been lucky enough to have had their first in my New Beginnings Plan and now their littlest as well!  This is her “sitting up” session- the second session in the New Beginnings Plan.  We incorporated some family shots into this one as well as a few with her brother.  They are the proud owners of Nolan’s Pub in downtown Safety Harbor.  It is a great little spot to hang out and have a beer with friends. If you are ever in the area- make sure to tell them I sent you 🙂  Heres this special families final sneak peak before they get their gallery! (safety harbor baby photographer)

safety harbor baby photographer





All Smiles! (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) I swear,  I could show EVERY picture in this family’s gallery!  This was the sitting up session of her New Beginnings Plan and she was a perfect angel. Except for a quick bottle break… she smiled the entire session.  Enjoy this large sneak peak… (tampa baby photographer)

Oh the last series in pink…. those are GUCCI shoes and a hat!  A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!







Tampa baby photographer



Cutie Pie (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer)  This little guy was amazing for his sitting up session!  He just completed his second session of the New Beginnings Plan and I am SOO looking forward to his smash cake session.  He has been a “dream” baby for both sessions so far and you can check out his newborn session with his siblings here.  In most cases, babies are in their “birthday suits” for the newborn session but the next session is a great session for a cute outfit or two.  I always love to do a series of with just a diaper cover though… those are my favorites and they are timeless images that will be cherished forever.  (tampa baby photographer)



Tampa baby photographertwo

Tampa baby photographerthree


Double cuteness (clearwater baby photographer)

(clearwater baby photographer) What a super fun session in the studio!  These 2 cuties cracked me up.  Their personalities just shone through in their images.  I hope to see them again for a double smash cake session… can you imagine the awesome fun and MESS 🙂  Can’t wait!  It’s the kind of thing a family photographer lives for!

Tracy Gabbard Baby & Newborn Photography – Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete FL – Family Photographer












TGP Sitting Up Session from New Beginnings Plan (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa newborn baby photographer)  Oh what fun this busy little guy was!  When doing family photography, I can never decide which of the 3 sessions from the New Beginnings Plan is my favorite.  I of course love those newborns and at the “sitting up” sessions the babies are usually so happy. Then there is the forever popular smash cake sessions which are hilarious!  Instead of the traditional 6 month session I recommend doing a “sitting up session” when the babies are usually 7-8 months and you can really capture that next stage from the itty bitty baby they were just a few short months ago.  It is a really fun session.  Enjoy a sneak peak of this happy little guy!

Tracy Gabbard Photography – Tampa, Clearwater, St. Pete FL – Baby & Family Photographer

tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer


So many smiles! (clearwater baby photographer)

(clearwater baby photographer) This little bundle of joy was just that “a bundle of joy”!  She just completed her second session of the exclusive  Tracy Gabbard Photography New Beginnings Plan.  She was so much fun!  Her big sister didn’t get left out either as we captured some great images of her as well.  Check out the eyes on them… beautiful blue and brown, just beautiful!  I can never decide which of the 3 sessions in the New Beginnings Plan I love the best as they all offer something so precious and different as each one.  The newborn session is of course “one of a kind” as those first couple weeks go by so fast and are such a blur.  Those little toes and faces are never that little again (or quiet :)).  But the sitting up session is such a blast as they are always sitting up and full of smiles and sometimes they are even crawling (like the little one below).  And then there is the one year old session with the smash cake.  Now, there is NOTHING like a smash cake session!  SUPER FUN and SUPER messy! 🙂  I truly enjoy them all and can’t wait for her next session coming up in the fall.  Well, enough  chatter…. enjoy these precious smiles! (Clearwater baby photographer)

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

SUCH a cutie! (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) Oh my goodness…this little guy’s images were so fun to edit!  His smile is so contagious and his personality so much fun.  And to top it all off he wasn’t crawling yet…. so he didn’t make me chase him all around the studio (even though crawling pictures are among my fav’s)!  This was his 3rd session in the TGP New Beginnings Plan and he has one more to go before his first year album is designed.  Here are few sneak peaks for mom and dad!  (tampa baby photographer)

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer






Full of FUN! (clearwater baby photographer)

(clearwater baby photographer)Oh this little guy was SO funny!  I photograph many babies and at this age most of them do love to eat their feet (which I LOVE) but this little one…. he REALLY loved his toes!  In fact, we could hardly keep his feet out of his mouth.  It was so funny I had to share more than usual amount of pictures.  You can just see him looking at those adorable toes and then the urge to get then in his mouth.  At one point mom held him back so he couldn’t lean forward to eat them so as you will see…. he just brought them up to his mouth!  Don’t worry mom and dad… there are MANY with out toes in the mouth (all though I adore these) and your gallery will be headed your way very soon! (clearwater baby photographer)

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer

clearwater baby photographer