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28 Days Left to 2019! Holiday Photography Sessions are here!

The Time to get a Holiday Photography Session is running out! 

We are officially 28 days away from 2019! And we are encouraging everyone to make the best out of these last days and hurry up to achieve those goals set for 2018!

There is not much time left, but sure enough to close chapters and open new doors in your life! We want to show you some of the cutest photographs from Holiday Photography Sessions at Tracy Gabbard’s Photography Studio in Clearwater, Fl.

This little one is celebrating his first Christmas ever! What a great opportunity to capture this beautiful moment!

We turned Tracy’s Studio into a miniature Christmas pop for this sweet boy. It was such a fun Holiday Photography Session!

He is so small he fits this beautiful basket perfectly. Holiday Props can get very creative. Here, the predominant color is red and it really grabs everyone’s attention. It almost looks like a tiny Santa outfit with the buttons. We can safely say that this little boy is the actual Christmas gift!

And also, some beautiful, emotional photographs to brighten your day. The season calls for a Holiday Photography Session, but it also could be the perfect time for any type of session. 

We love an excuse to make seasonal Photography Sessions happen but what Tracy is truly passionate about are, Newborn and Family Photography Sessions. 

There is just something overwhelmingly special in the elegance and classic feeling about her most featured style of Photography. She has mastered the art of creating a high-end quality product while portraying heartwarming portraits every single time.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to book a Photography Session with Tracy Gabbard, this is the best time to do so. Don’t let the year go by before you get to experience the magic of bringing your family together for a special occasion! 

The Best Holiday Gift ♥ Maternity Photography

It is undeniable that Maternity Photography is in the top gifts you can give to an expectant mother or family this year.

Or any time of the year. But especially in these last days of the year, it is the best opportunity to give, share and be thankful for everything this year.

Whether you are giving this to someone else or to yourself, booking a Maternity Photography Session with Tracy Gabbard is the best idea. 

If you are looking for either indoor or outdoor Maternity Photography, Tracy Gabbard will make it happen. Her classy and elegant style will make any expectant family look incredible. 

She offers high-end quality Photography at her Studio in the Clearwater area in Florida. With outstanding natural lighting, she captures incredible photographs for her clients. 

Many couples come every year to start this beautiful journey with her, to share it with the world and keep the memories forever. 

Tracy has special Photography Packages for local clients. They are designed to start a Photography Journey. They will be able to capture every step from Maternity to Newborn Photography and all the way through the First Year.

The beauty of Pregnancy sparkles in every mother’s expression. You can see how happy they are. It’s the sweetest waiting time in any woman’s life. 

Everyone has a different story. Sometimes she would have couples by themselves. Some other times it would be a family with kids who are expecting another baby. In every case, happiness is portrayed in their photographs in a tasteful way.

There are times where the best props are special objects that will belong to the baby. It’s a beautiful memory to be able to show when they grow up. To look back and see how much their parents loved them, even before they were born.

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Creamy Fall Colors! +8 Cute Babies Photos By One Of The Top Tampa Photographers

The Holiday Celebrations are about to start this week with one of the top Tampa Photographers. 

Tracy Gabbard has been working super hard at her studio in Clearwater, Fl these days.

Today we want to share our love with the Fall colors. Those creamy and soft tones that match every baby’s skin! 

And we start this list with our best friend. Because pets are angels with paws. They spend so much time with us, they become a family member, so of course, they must be included in the photographs!

Here we have a beautiful example of cute props at the studio. Babies look adorable with these creatives ideas. Tracy is always innovating and trying new things at her studio, which makes her stand out between all Tampa Photographers.

This photograph is very sharp and detailed. And the texture of the blanked that is covering this beautiful Newborn makes its skin peachy and smooth. It’s a magical contrast between textures.

Tracy is very passionate when it comes to Newborn Photography. She enjoys placing babies in these perfect poses while they fall asleep. She has a great ability to calm the newborns to achieve the perfect photograph!

Another tiny baby turned into a teddy bear! This baby is so small, makes everything else look gigantic! Look at the rug. It is heart-melting. 

A little more on the coral tones but incredibly sweet picture, it’s refreshing and calm, portraying the beauty of those first days on a Newborn’s life.

Have you noticed how fast baby’s feet grow? It’s one of the first things parents want to portray when they come into the studio for a Newborn Photo Session. 

The love of a mother, her arms and shoulders are a baby’s safest place to be. It’s a special and unbreakable bonding experience that every lucky mother gets to experience.

Don’t forget that there is one more chance to register for TGP Limited Edition Holiday Sessions this year.

Contact Tracy for more information

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Halloween Is Around The Corner – Family Photography Session with Tracy

This colorful Family Photography Session will definitely melt your heart.

This family got together in the studio to celebrate life and take memorable photographs of the entire family.

The little ones dressed up with their favorite fantastic characters. A cute aquamarine mermaid dress that fits her perfectly, while her brother is loving his “Cars” costume.

They are all celebrating their youngest daughter’s first birthday. They dressed her up all in red, to represent love and passion and included one balloon to represent her age.

Tracy loves Family Photography because it allows to bring together the family in the studio. This time they also adventured at the outdoors in the Tampa Bay area, for a very fresh vibe.

Also, featuring red attires, they set a Picnic scenario to capture the family in this very important milestone. These closeups with mom and dad are too cute. You can see her smiling every time they hold her.

This Family Photography session was filled with a lot of emotions, the youngest little one went through a whole lot of emotions during the session, but to show how much she loves mom and dad, she smiles the most in the photos where they are together.

It was definitely a fun session. Themed Family Photography sessions are always filled with personality, laughter and creativity. Halloween is a great time for this type of sessions, are a great idea to capture this time of the year and a great memory to look back to.

Tracy Gabbard is a top photographer in the Tampa Bay area, she has a natural lighting studio in the Clearwater area. Her ability to capture magical moments in her studio set her apart from other professional photographers.


Contact her for more information about her services below!

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A Peculiar Pet Choice + Cutest First Birthday Photography Session ♥

Today we bring you a special and super cute photo session.

Because believe it or not, sometimes the best way to start to teach responsibilities to our little ones doesn’t have to be through a bigger animal like a dog or a cat.

This little man, who is indeed growing at speedlight (like all of them, apparently, lol), came to the studio to with his family to celebrate his very first birthday, such an important date to remember. It’s going to be portrayed in paper and hearts of every member of the family.

His favorite color is red, and just in case it wasn’t obvious enough, his most loved pet is a beautiful orange fish. It looks like taken out of a cartoon, they decided to bring it to the studio as an important member of the family as well.

Also, he is all about playing with his toys, he loves his little cart and uses it to run around carrying his favorite teddy bears. It does not get cutter than that, I promise.

Tracy used a classic balloon to represent the first year in color blue, his other favorite color. Both create a very energetic contrast in the pictures. It was a very fun photo session and the way he goes through sitting up and giving his first steps is just too cute.

Finally, you must check this outfit out, rocking a baby blue bow tie and a #1, he is looking like a little gentleman, and they were all in love in the studio. He has a beautiful smile and was having a great time in the studio, Tracy was able to capture his beautiful laugh and smile in the photographs, it’s truly captivating.

Contact Tracy today, to invest on your most important asset, your family. Thank you for reading!

The New Beginnings Plan (Tampa Newborn Photographer)


23 Colorful Baby Photography Sessions! #4 Is Too Perfectly Aligned!

Mondays are busy, fast paced and usually stressful, today we want to bring you something different to enlighten your evening. Tracy is a well known photographer in the Tampa bay area and she specializes in high end photography for families, couples and children, specially those who are waiting for that sweet and loving new family member to arrive. 

Tracy loves white and clean canvases, her style is predominant in almost every picture. But today is different, today we want to bring you a compilation of the times when Tracy and the families decided to break the mold and add lots of color, creativity and personality to the session, and the results are breathtaking. 

Every photograph tells a story, every family has something special to share with the world, and Tracy helps them pick something that resembles either the baby’s personality (If it’s a photo session about the little ones) or the family values and hobbies (like maternity sessions). Whether is it a sport, a comic or movie character, a reference from animated cartoons, or simply by filling the frame with powerful, warm and expressive colors, utilizing different materials that show the contrast between the baby skin and the textile material or simply to express warmth and personality. 

Tracy and the families get out of the studio for a wild adventure to visit the beautiful natural locations that Tampa Bay offers, there are plenty of beautiful parks and places that are family friendly and perfect to capture some impressive photographs. Also, bringing special toys and objects to represent certain interests in the family such as sports and devotion for books or movies are a very popular and creative way to make the little ones look incredible. Definitely the best memories in their first years of life.

Contact Tracy today and request a free appointment, she will be more than happy to answer your questions and help you capture those very much cherished moments in life.

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Zuri’s First Year Photo Album Will Totally Make You Smile

Tracy Gabbard is one of the best Photographers in the Tampa Bay area and The First Year Plan is an exclusive offer local families providing families with priceless memories during that treasured first year. 

The beginning of a new chapter in your life is always one filled with joy, excitement and most of all, anticipation.  With the arrival of a new baby chances are, you will spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on baby furniture, clothes and even toys.  And while many of these things are necessary, almost all of them will at some point be re-sold, given away or even tossed in the trash.  What will you keep forever?  The priceless images you invested in throughout the years your baby grows.  Professional, timeless, quality images are not something to be taken lightly.  These will be your memories that will be passed down and valued for your life time and your baby’s.

This plan puts families on VIP status guaranteeing sessions to capture the precious newborn stage (between 5-14 days of birth), the sitting up/crawling milestones (usually between 7-9 months) and the very important first birthday session (during child’s birthday month).

Tracy’s personality and style create contemporary yet timeless images that will last a lifetime.  Her sense of style will make each session unique in its own way yet at the same time, all of your first year images will flow to create a story that will be forever cherished.

She focuses on providing custom art work for your walls and products that can be touched and held. She wants her families to take home ready to display images that will be enjoyed for years to come. While digital files are available the focuses of each session is to create beautiful art, albums and treasured folio boxes that will display your family images in the way they are meant to be shared.


5 Reasons To Invest on Newborn Photography Today!

Becoming a parent is a blessing and a great time to celebrate life. One of the biggest reasons to invest in Newborn Photography is to take into consideration the fact that time goes by very fast and babies grow and change every day, so fast that we don’t even notice, you blink once or twice, and they are bigger, taller and you are left out wishing you had a better memory for the rest of your life.

1. The time that won’t come back:

Sure, you can take pictures with your phone or tablet, but no quality can be compared to the professional studio high-end quality photography that we can offer at our studio.

2. The value of an unforgettable memory that you can touch and feel.

One thing that a professional photo session can bring, is that incredible and perfect finish that reflects love and emotions captivated in one photograph. You will end up with a collection of incredibly beautiful pictures of your child and you can choose to hang them on the wall with beautiful frames, have a book with a collection of them, and many other physical forms.

3. Professional, stress-free delivery.

Especially for the mother, the first weeks after becoming a mom can be very tough on the mother, and dealing with stress, developing a new routine and life in general, can be exhausting. At the same time, your baby is still growing and changing as you go. Having a professional taking care of the memories is just stress-free and an overall warming experience.

4. Creativity

The beauty of Newborn Photography remains in the ability to capture the expressions of the baby and at the same time, mixing it with a theme or creative ideas. Not too long ago, Tracy had a beautiful baby whose middle name is Rose and of course, some beautiful pink roses were the best props for the pictures. There are simply countless ideas to make the photos unique and special.

5. Safety

It takes a mother to know how to treat a baby or children in general. Tracy is a mother of two, and it’s her passion to interact with the little ones. She takes care of them and makes sure the experience is free of stress for the baby, children as well as the parents involved. It is truly a unique experience.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment with Tracy Gabbard at https://tracygabbard.com/contact/

Beautiful in Blue – Photo Sessions at TGP Clearwater FL

Beautiful in Blue – Many times, I find it exciting to make newborn photo sessions, sitting up photo sessions, even family photo sessions with blue as the theme.

Blue is traditionally associated with boys but little girls do look great in blue! Look at that sweet young lady, ‘looking up’ down there.  Doesn’t she appear wonderfully cute in her blue polka dots? What do you think about these babies in their stylish blue beds during their nap time? Oh my! I love staring at them. And, in that family photo, you can feel the close physical and emotional integration of the whole family wearing different shades of blue. I love them all so so much.

You, too, can create memories of your own like these at Tracy Gabbard Photography Studio, Clearwater. For more and latest photography visit frequently TGP at Facebook, or click on Contact.

Photos of newborn babies in blue - Beautiful in blue
Photos of Beautiful in Blue, from Sitting up session, Tracy Gabbard Photography
Photos of Beautiful in Blue, Family photography by Tracy Gabbard Photographer Tampa

Tampa Studio Newborn Session – Sneak Peak

(tampa newborn photographer) It was such a pleasure to have this sweet baby in the studio!  She was the perfect little model through her whole session. Even giving us some content awake time for a little bit. I love all the colors and props we were able to use for her session and taking her outside to use the swing was the icing on the cake.   So many amazing studio sessions this month and last and SO much to share in the coming weeks! Keep visiting here and at Facebook page of TGP. (tampa newborn photographer)

Tracy Gabbard PhotographyTracy Gabbard Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography Tampa Newborn Photographer Tracy Gabbard Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography

Handsome Little Guy (Baby Photographer Tampa)

Baby Photographer Tampa I can’t even begin to describe how incredibly cute this little guy was in the studio. As a Baby Photographer in Tampa, I love seeing how big the babies have grown since their newborn session. This cutie had his newborn session done with Tracy Gabbard Photography and came back for his sitting up session. He loved interacting with the camera and gave some of the sweetest poses. Although he wasn’t crazy about keeping his hat on,  I was even able to get a few kissy faces from him towards the end of his session. What a doll! Can’t wait for his First birthday session!! 🙂 Baby Photographer Tampa

Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer TampaBaby Photographer TampaBaby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa

(Baby Photographer Tampa) Happy Baby girl!

Baby Photographer Tampa This super cute baby was so fun and playful during her session. As a Baby photographer in Tampa, it was so fun to see how much this little one had grown since I photographed her newborn session.  Mom brown a shell prop that was used in her newborn session that we were able to use in this sitting up session. This super happy baby girl gave me so many smiles! We were even able to get sweet Mommy and me photos that I know Mom will treasure forever! Can’t wait to photograph her first birthday session! Baby Photographer Tampa

Baby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer TampaBaby Photographer Tampa  Baby Photographer TampaBaby Photographer Tampa Baby Photographer Tampa

Pretty Little Lady! (Tampa Baby Photographer)

Tampa Baby Photographer This little lady was so good during her sitting up session in the studio! As a Tampa Baby Photographer, I loved that she was crawling around the studio and gave me such sweet smiles! We had so much fun playing dress up at the beginning of the session with the pearls and fancy head pieces 🙂 And the special white crocheted dress that this little lady wore at the end of her sitting up session was handmade by her grandmother! What a sweet keepsake for this precious little lady! Tampa Baby Photographer

Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer


Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer


Tampa Baby Photographer
Tampa Baby Photographer

Sassy 1st Birthday Smash-cake Session! (1st Birthday Photographer Tampa)

1st Birthday Photographer Tampa This sweet baby girl had so much fun during her 1st birthday session and obviously loved her cake too! She was super cute in pink and as a 1st birthday photographer in Tampa, I was able to see how crazy she is about her daddy during the session! I’ve been photographing her since birth and this sweet baby girl always lights up for him. As a Tampa baby photographer,  it was so fun to watch.  Love love LOVED all the cute and funny faces this sweet birthday girl made! For her 1st birthday photography session, she was easy to make smile and was happy the whole time!  (1st birthday photographer Tampa)

1st Birthday Photographer Tampa
1st birthday photographer Tampa


1st Birthday Photographer Tampa


1st Birthday Photographer Tampa
1st Birthday Photographer Tampa
1st Birthday Photographer Tampa


Pretty Blue Eyes (Tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) This little lady has grown so much since her newborn session and lots of “chunkers” which I LOVE! As a full-time baby lover and a Tampa baby photographer, this sitting up session was so much fun for me. Mom and I planned to use the quilt from this little lady’s nursery for all her session so it would be a great way to show the growth in her from each session. As you can see from the playful photos, l loved her quilt too! I especially loved that this baby girl has big beautiful blue eyes that were super fun to capture in the light. tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer
tampa baby photographer
tampa baby photographer




tampa baby photographer

Simply Adorable Baby Boy and Big Sister (Tampa baby photographer)

tampa baby photographer This session was one of my absolute favorites! As a tampa baby photographer, I’ve been working with this family since this baby boy’s big sister was in Mommy’s tummy! One of my favorite features about this sitting up session was brother and sister’s precious fire-fighter inspired outfits since Dad is a fire-fighter. Mom always has the cutest outfits for these two little ones. Another special part of this session was when big sister leaned over and gave little brother a big kiss! Big sister just loved giving her baby brother kisses 🙂 It was hillarious and heart-felt at the same time! I am so looking forward to this baby boy’s one year session when Mom remembers to bring Dad’s firefighter gear so we can get a before and after from his newborn session! (tampa baby photographer)


tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer
tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer


tampa baby photographer