Safety Precautions for Covid-19

Safety Precautions for Covid-19

I want you to know that we take the health of our families very seriously.  We are taking all precautions possible to make sure the studio is safe from Covid-19 for all families.  Here are just a few of the things we will be doing to ensure safety for our families …


covid-19 safety

We will communicate before your session about your feelings moving forward with scheduling.  We will talk about the below safety precautions in the studio or on location.  I will confirm that no one participating in the session as had any viral symptoms in the last 14 days.  Upon entering the studio, each family will be asked to sign a form that says they have not had any symptoms of Covid 19.

Hand Washing

The Importance Of Global Handwashing Day

 Upon entering the studio all family members will be asked to wash their hands.  There will also be hand sanitizer readily available to be used at anytime during the session.  I will also be washing my hands thoroughly before, during (if needed) and after each session.


covid-19 safety

You are welcome to bring your own masks but Tracy will have them also.  She will be happy to wear one during your session if you prefer.  She will also have them available for you if you prefer to wear them.


Clip Art Medical Gloves Clipart

Disposable gloves will also be available.  Tracy will happy to wear them if you prefer.  You will also be welcome to use them if you prefer.



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You will be asked to remove your shoes while in the studio.  If you will be wearing them for your session, you will put them on to wear in the shooting area and then asked to remove them for the other areas of the studio.  The floors will be disinfected after each session.

Family and session frequency

Safety Precautions for Covid-19

Until further notice, only immediate family members will be allowed in the studio.  Only those participating in the session.  ALSO-  for now, sessions will be scheduled every 3 days.  Although the studio will be disinfected thoroughly after each session this will ensure an extra measure of precaution.

Studio Cleaning

covid-19 safety

 After each session the studio will be disinfected with medical grade disinfectant and all wraps, props or wardrobe clothes borrowed will be washed and disinfected.


I hope all of these precautions will help you feel safe and comfortable before, during and after your session.  If you still have concerns and would like to chat about covid-19 or anything with Tracy you are welcome to reach out.  She is happy to address your concerns and reschedule or postpone your session if you are more comfortable doing so. 

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