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Beautiful in Blue – Photo Sessions at TGP Clearwater FL

Beautiful in Blue – Many times, I find it exciting to make newborn photo sessions, sitting up photo sessions, even family photo sessions with blue as the theme.

Blue is traditionally associated with boys but little girls do look great in blue! Look at that sweet young lady, ‘looking up’ down there.  Doesn’t she appear wonderfully cute in her blue polka dots? What do you think about these babies in their stylish blue beds during their nap time? Oh my! I love staring at them. And, in that family photo, you can feel the close physical and emotional integration of the whole family wearing different shades of blue. I love them all so so much.

You, too, can create memories of your own like these at Tracy Gabbard Photography Studio, Clearwater. For more and latest photography visit frequently TGP at Facebook, or click on Contact.

Photos of newborn babies in blue - Beautiful in blue
Photos of Beautiful in Blue, from Sitting up session, Tracy Gabbard Photography
Photos of Beautiful in Blue, Family photography by Tracy Gabbard Photographer Tampa