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Precious Times – Capture them

Precious times

A little late night loving! Snuggles from your baby are the absolute best! As your sweet babies grow snuggle time becomes less and less!

Believe me, I know! As I have watched my “babies” grow I miss these precious times. I wish I had taken the time to captured more of these times.

Did you know that Tracy works with you to make sure she captures your favorite moments with your baby? Sessions are not all about classic smiles (there’s lots of that to) but they are about capturing those precious times you cherish as a family and with your little ones. Call or email Tracy to find out more!

Tracy Gabbard Family Photography, baby's first steps

Baby’s First Steps- Family Photography

Baby’s First Steps

I’m trying….. as hard as this sweet baby is trying to take his first steps to get back into the swing of things! It’s a new month I have lots to share I just need to get back into the swing of things!

But getting back to this sweet family… These moments are priceless.. never to happen again! I wish with all my heart that I could go back for just a short time and enjoy my babies when they were this little. I still get to enjoy the excitement of older kids “firsts” but somehow it is bitter sweet. Now it’s just a few short years until I know they are out on their own making all the “older” firsts seem so long ago. I’m so lucky to be able to watch all these other babies grow and experience their “firsts” through their mommy and daddy’s eyes.

Family Photography

Capturing the connections between families has all my ♥️♥️! If you want a totally different photography experience and want to create art work that you can enjoy on your walls and in your homes. Family art work that you can experience together as a family, that can be enjoyed for all the years of your life from first steps to innumerable, then the TGP experience could be for you. I walk you step by step (just like first steps of this sweet baby😀) through the process. Through what to wear, hair and makeup, a stress free session and then all the designing and ordering of your chosen art work (even possible delivery)! If you are ready for something different, something easy to help you capture these precious moments then feel free to reach out so we can talk about what is important to you! 

Chat with me about your baby’s first steps at my Facebook Page.
Check out Photo Gallery to see my Family Photography and Baby Photography albums.

Puppies Photography – Something Different this Summer

Puppies Photography

Happy Summer to you all! I LOVE summer and to celebrate this happy season I want to do something fun and different! One of my favorite things (besides babies of course) is PUPPIES! So here comes Puppies Photography!!! I would LOVE to photograph a litter of puppies in the studio!

SO, if your dog is pregnant or you know someone who has a dog that is pregnant or you know a breeder that might be interested in booking a Puppies Photography session, let them know. If you or anyone interested in this fun opportunity can contact me via my Facebook page or by clicking and writing to me via contact me form!

I am happy to share a few pictures of our dog when she was a puppy! Feel free to share this on your page if you think one of your friends would be interested!

Puppies Photography - blog by Tracy Gabbard Photography, TGP
Puppies Photography – blog by Tracy Gabbard Photography, TGP

Close Ups by TGP – Look At Those Eyes!

Grabbed some of my favorites!

Let’s talk about close ups!  At each photography session I always try to do a few close ups .  I love the way they capture the details of the eyes and for the little guys their little teeth (or lack of :)) It’s fun to capture silly faces and serious ones as well.  They don’t always have to be smiling to make an impact and evoke emotion.  Sometimes non smiling photographs end up being my favorites.  I love them for babies, kids and older children.  I reached back several years to grab some of my favorites!  You may have seen some of these before but a few of these kiddos are 5 and 6 years old already!  Time flies!  Do you see your little one (or older one :)) in these photos picked by me from the collection of Tracy Gabbard Photography Albums?

Close Ups by TGP - Tracy Gabbard Photography
Close Ups by TGP – Look At Those Eyes!
Baby's First Year Photo Album

Baby’s First Year Photo Album – NBP

First Year Photo Album – Part of New Beginnings Plan

Look at all the gorgeous baby’s first year photo albums going out next week!  These are part of the New Beginnings Plan (NBP) of Tracy Gabbard Photography (TGP). These albums are amazing keepsakes that will be passed down for many generations!

Can you imagine having one of these to look at of your grandparent or great grandparent? What a lifetime keepsake! Digital images are wonderful for preserving and archiving but there is NOTHING like a quality printed print, wall display or album that you can touch, see everyday and/or share with loved ones. Sitting down on the couch with your child looking through an album is an experience that uses all the senses and that is priceless.

Flipping through some digital files on a computer is different. There is not an experience associated with that. Hence the families who have their baby’s first year photo albums are so lucky! They will all sit on the couch one day and share this with their children! 

Please visit TGP’s New Beginnings Plan (NBP) which includes Newborn Session, Sitting up Session, First Birthday Session and this lovely photo album. TGP will hand pick photos from each session for your baby’s first year album to create his/her 1st year story.  You can see some video samples by clicking on albums

If you have any question about the album, or want to join NBP, click on Contact Tracy to send your query or message.

One of Tracy’s Favorite Newborn Poses

One of my favorite newborn poses!

The tiny details of a newborn are priceless. I love to “freeze them in time” for mommy and daddy at each session.  Although there are lots of different ways to show off those little “parts” this is one of my favorite newborn poses.  I love how the tiny fingers are showcased but also those sweet cheeks, precious lips and even the itty bitty eyelashes. There is nothing more amazing than these little miracles! 

One of Tracy’s Favorite Newborn Poses
One of Tracy’s Favorite Newborn Poses

To enjoy more photos from my newborn photography sessions visit Newborn Photo Gallery. What are your favorite poses? To include them in your newborn photography session and discuss them with me, click on Contact Tracy

TGP Wishes A Very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Tracy!

Just a few favorite photos in the red and pink colors for Valentine’s Day, today. Besides my sweet babies and families that I get the privilege of working with and of course my own family and kiddo’s here are some fun things, I LOVE –

-Girlfriend time
-Going out to lunch
-The beach
-Going shopping
-The movies
-Dr. Pepper
-Buffalo chicken tenders
-Chocolate and peanut butter combo’s

TGP wishes a happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Contact Tracy to discuss your favorite fun things and mile stones in your and your baby’s life.  Schedule photo sessions for your newborn baby,  3 months old, 6 months old, 9 months old, one year old child for his or her first birthday. Family photo sessions are great fun too! Have a love filled Day!!!