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Summer Session Give Away!!


Summer is coming and I want to be creative with some give aways. What does that mean?

It means that 6 lucky families/individuals will be the recipients of a complimentary session that could include professional hair and make up for mom or participating woman! Tracy will select (2) per month for June, July and August! The sessions can be ANY of these types of sessions;⁠

1. Family (with any age children)⁠
2. Newborn⁠
3. First Birthday (or other “milestone” session)⁠
4. BRANDING or Headshot session⁠
5. Women’s beauty session (not boudoir) i.e. having a milestone birthday (30, 40, 50 etc…), divorce, new job, or just want to celebrate “you” with beautiful portraits!⁠
6. Maternity
7. High School Seniors

If you are interested or know someone who might be send them here and have them  fill out this form and send email it back. Tracy will select the families/individuals based on her needs for the session. ⁠ 

baby's first birthday

Celebrating baby’s first birthday during a pandemic

WOW!  It has been a long haul with no end in sight!  Knowing that everyone has their own struggles through this and I am far from alone!  I have watched many others “seem” to thrive with the lack of schedule, extra time and a shift in priorities.  I am not one of them.  I had GREAT intentions! LOL!  But they never quite panned out.  I totally lost focus.  I am not sad or depressed just all over the place!  No clear plan, no clear focus.  I realized that even though my kids are older (13 and 17… both celebrating pandemic birthdays) when they didn’t go back to school after spring break I could never get my groove back!  For example, no summer camps, canceled vacations, birthday celebrations changed, NO SCHEDULE!   

So…. here we are, feeling like this sweet little one! We celebrated her first birthday at the studio during the pandemic but even with a mask it didn’t stop me from loving every minute of it!

What happened next?   

Yesterday my youngest went to sailing camp!  YES!!!  It was like the first normal day we have had since quarantine.  My daughter was out for the day.  She was doing productive and fun things and I felt like…. NORMAL!  I got things done, was motivated, working and staying off social media.   It made me realize how much the kids being home and off schedule has effected me.  I thought because my kids were older it would be easier.  ALL THE COMPASSION for moms at home with younger kids!!!! But I was wrong…. It was hard for me also.  Harder than I realized. 

Once I had some quiet time I was focused.  Just like this sweet baby.  She had the BEST time celebrating her pandemic birthday.  She wore a sweet little outfit from Lily and Max and the elegant cake was beautifully created by Sugar & Bliss . It was so yummy, that mom and dad took home the the remaining parts to take home and eat!  This family is (was) a member of the New Beginnings Plan and we are in the final stages of designing her first year album!  I can not wait to share it with you!!! 

Love this session?

No matter if we celebrate in the studio with a pandemic birthday or a newborn session, we would LOVE to chat with you about it and how special it is!


It’s July, Time to Apply for August Birthday Model Call

August Birthday?

Who are we looking for this month?  If you have been following along with our busy summer here over at the TGP studios you know that there have been some super fun “My Stories” over on Instagram and adorable sneak peaks on Facebook.  You also know that July is my birthday month so to celebrate that fun fact we are scheduling a Birthday Bash Model Call 🙂 . We are so excited to be accepting applications for GIRL ONE Year olds that turn ONE sometime in August, yes who have August Birthday (sorry boys, you’re adorable also but this one is going to be stylized “girly”)!  Applications will be accepted from July 1st- July 14th . 

It's July, Time to Apply for August Birthday Model Call

This special little model will have her session stylized by Tracy herself and will include prints and products from the studio.  She will also have a special birthday smash cake and matching outfit to wear for the session!  Her outfit will be provided by Girlies Galore, an amazing Etsy store for girls and boys. Just perfect for our birthday sessions!  

It's July, Time to Apply for August Birthday Model Call

Directions and requirements for Model Call:

Due to the amount of applicants only applicants that are able to follow these directions will be accepted. The applicants must:
* apply between the dates of July 1st – 14th
* be a GIRL and turn ONE in or close to AUGUST of 2017
NOT have already chosen a photographer for a first birthday session
* be willing to sign a model release
* be available to travel to the S. Clearwater studio during the week day M-F
* be flexible in August to schedule the session
* have family (at least mom and dad) willing to possibly participate in session.
* email Tracy to [email protected] with the following information-
-Snapshot of child
-phone number,
If you would like to apply or know anyone that will fit the requirements for this model Call, PLEASE share this with them:
Please do not send messages through FB, Instagram or any other social media applications will only be accepted through the email provided above.

Summer Special – 3 Amazing Model Calls

3 session add blog

Can you believe summer is just around the corner?  There are lots of awesome changes going on at the TGP studio! Follow along on Instagram to watch the studio make over and on Facebook to see the new product line that is such a great reflection of the modern, timeless portraits that are created in the studio and on location. To celebrate these changes we are going to do  3 amazing model calls that will include some great gifts from the studio and other local businesses.  Each model call will have its own unique set of requirements, dates and gifts and will be planned out by Tracy personally.  There will be calls for June, July and August.  Below are the themes for each month.

June- Pamper Me Maternity 

Applications will be accepted from June 1st- June 9th and the session will be held in July. This special mommy will need to be 35-38 weeks pregnant in July sometime.


July- Birthday Bash

It is my birthday month so what better way to celebrate than to schedule a styled first birthday session!  This model call will be for girls only 🙁 (sorry boys you will have a turn another time!). Applications for this session will be accepted from July 1st – July 14th and the baby should have an August birthday.


August- Sweet Newborn

Applications for this session will be accepted from August 1st-August 15th and the baby should be due in September.  This will be a stylized session that will include new props, new baby items and will reflect the TGP brand.  

Newborn Photography,

Don’t worry because there will be lots of reminders as the time gets closer to each session but it’s always good to set a reminder in your phone or write it down on your calendar if you would like to apply for one of these sessions.  PLEASE share this blog post or tag your friends. For more info Contact Tracy or Signup for Newsletter, up there.

Baby's First Year Photo Album

Baby’s First Year Photo Album – NBP

First Year Photo Album – Part of New Beginnings Plan

Look at all the gorgeous baby’s first year photo albums going out next week!  These are part of the New Beginnings Plan (NBP) of Tracy Gabbard Photography (TGP). These albums are amazing keepsakes that will be passed down for many generations!

Can you imagine having one of these to look at of your grandparent or great grandparent? What a lifetime keepsake! Digital images are wonderful for preserving and archiving but there is NOTHING like a quality printed print, wall display or album that you can touch, see everyday and/or share with loved ones. Sitting down on the couch with your child looking through an album is an experience that uses all the senses and that is priceless.

Flipping through some digital files on a computer is different. There is not an experience associated with that. Hence the families who have their baby’s first year photo albums are so lucky! They will all sit on the couch one day and share this with their children! 

Please visit TGP’s New Beginnings Plan (NBP) which includes Newborn Session, Sitting up Session, First Birthday Session and this lovely photo album. TGP will hand pick photos from each session for your baby’s first year album to create his/her 1st year story.  You can see some video samples by clicking on albums

If you have any question about the album, or want to join NBP, click on Contact Tracy to send your query or message.

1st Birthday – Child Photography by TGP

1st Birthday – 1 with Flowers

Sweet one year old was in the studio this morning for her first birthday photo session! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this number 1 made of flowers of different shades pink ! Mom brought it in for her 1st birthday photo session! Going to have to steal this idea and have some flower numbers in the studio!  She was the sweetest thing ever!

1st Birthday - Child Photography by TGP
1st Birthday Photo Session

Do you have any new ideas? I have some! Let us share and discuss what should we plan for your baby’s first birthday photography session. Click on Contact Tracy and let us exchange our thoughts. Let us make it a memorable day and birthday photos a precious treasure for years and generations to come.

TGP Style – White on White

TGP Style White on White – it is my very favorite color!  

I am always drawn to white in my portraits. To me, it is so beautiful, simple, clean and classic. In my eyes it represents a modern yet timeless look that captures the simplicity of a baby, child or family.

The Tracy Gabbard Photography studio is WHITE and it captures the light beautifully. White makes the baby, child or family “pop” because they become the color, they become the focus, they become the memory.  Not the surroundings around them.

So in celebration of “white” 🙂 here are some of the many white on white images that I have been lucky enough to capture!


A Few First Birthday Smash Cake Photo Sessions

First Birthday – Tracy Gabbard Photography –  When is it okay to dig in and really love all that messy cake? At their first birthday Smash Cake Photo Sessions. Listen for the laughter in their bright smiles and sparkling eyes. Look at these delightful birthday performers! This darling girl is dancing to the stars and the boys are birthday cake drummers. Each child looks as yummy as the cakes and I love frosting mustaches! You know what, this pink and blue cutie really did fall into the cake after that last picture. LOL!

Believe it or not! The soft blues and the tie perfectly fit in that one year old young man’s personality. I love how my camera could capture the exact way he approached things – when he first considered the cake with a solemn touch and when he was without his hat ready to dig in. The best picture is the one when he is looking at the camera with a solemn smile, covered in a frosting beard.

First Birthday Smash Cake Photo Sessions

First Birthday Smash Cake Photo Sessions

First Birthday Smash Cake Photo Sessions

First Birthday Smash Cake Photo Sessions

First Birthday Smash Cake Photo Sessions
Smash Cake Photo Sessions

One Year Old Photography – Tampa, FL

(One year old photography – Tampa, FL) So this adorable rascal certainly enjoyed his cake in the studio!  He was FULL of energy and happy smiles but his favorite part (besides the cake) was watching me chase him all over the studio! 🙂  The great thing about this session is that there will be another surprise that comes with it in the next couple weeks!  I can’t wait to share that but for now here is a sneak peak into his one year session! For more and latest photo sessions frequently visit TGP on Facebook. (tampa one year old photography)

One Year Old Photography - Tampa, FLOne Year Old Photography - Tampa, FL One Year Old Photography - Tampa, FL

One Year Old Session – Sneak Peak (Tampa Smash Cake Photographer)

One Year Old Cutie – Sneak Peak Photography Session by (Tampa cake smash photographer) This sweet little one’s favorite part of her session was FOR SURE her cake! Loved having her in the studio today!  Sad she is now graduating from the New Beginnings Plan! For more and latest keep visiting TGP at Facebook page. (tampa cake smash photographer for one year old)Sneak Peak One Year Old Session Sneak Peak One Year Old Session

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create precious memories of first birthday of your baby. This is the perfect time to capture that ever changing personality of your little toddler!

Summer Special – Free Maternity Photography Session

Summer Special – Maternity Photography Session by Tracy Gabbard Photography

Are you looking forward to welcoming your newborn ‘bundle of joy’ this June, July, August or September? Wow! here is your chance to get a complimentary mini maternity session in Tracy Gabbard’s Photography Studio!

Enroll in the popular  New Beginnings Plan (NBP) that Tracy Gabbard Photography offers, or schedule a  Newborn Photography Session for your baby, and receive a complimentary Mini Maternity Photography Session.

These days, these moments of your life are just so precious, you never want to forget. You want to treasure these. Capture these memories with Tracy Gabbard Photography’s  Special Summer Promo!

The NBP is a special collection plan that includes newborn session, sitting-up session and first birthday session. That’s documenting the first year of your baby’s life! A newborn session is a once in a lifetime session that takes place with in the first 14 days of birth.  You can learn more about the New Beginnings Plan here.

Contact Tracy for any questions and let this newborn photographer capture your exciting times for you.

Mommies, what are you waiting for? Click on the photo below to register now for one time Newborn Photography Session, or The New Beginnings Plan and get your Mini Maternity Photography Session FREE!

Maternity-Photography-Session-TPG-Summer Special - 2015
Summer Special – Free Maternity Photography Session

Smashing Summer Special (smash cake photography)

Smash Cake Photography for one year olds. Check it out!  The first ever TGP smash cake summer special! Do you have a little special someone that is turning ONE this summer (June, July or August) or do you know someone who does?

TGP is offering $100.00 savings on all one year old photo sessions this summer!  The Smash Cake is the last part of the session and if you prefer to not do a smash cake at all that is fine also, we can skip that part :).

If you are interested please email Tracy to [email protected] or call the studio (727) 491-6476. (smash cake photography)

Photo of Smashing Summer Special for Smash Cake Photography
Smash Cake Photography


Happy Mothers Day (tampa baby photographer)

(tampa baby photographer) I have the pleasure of photographing many mommies with their “babies” over the years and I am happy to share just a few of them over the last year or so.  I am so thankful to these mommy’s for choosing Tracy Gabbard Photography to photograph the most special times in their lives.  I wish I could post all the “mommy and me” portraits I have taken but I am going to spend some time with my “babies”!  Thank you again to all of you! (tampa baby photographer)

tampa baby photographer


two three six      onefive four    seven


Best of 2014 Cake Smash Sessions (Tampa First Birthday Photographer)

Tampa First Birthday Photographer Happy Flash Back Friday! Well, it’s that time of year again! As we look back on all the great memories of 2014, I’d like to make a tribute to the best (and some of the funniest) cake smash sessions of 2014. As a Tampa 1st  Birthday Photographer, it has been such an honor to capture the first birthdays of these wonderful little one-year-old babiesTampa Cake Smash photographer Tampa Smash Cake Photographer Tampa Cake Smash Photography Tampa First Birthday Photography Tampa First Birthday Photographer! :) Hope you enjoy these as much as I did! :) And be sure to stay tuned for the Best of 2014 for next Flash Back Friday! Tampa First Birthday Photographer


Sassy 1st Birthday Smash-cake Session! (1st Birthday Photographer Tampa)

1st Birthday Photographer Tampa This sweet baby girl had so much fun during her 1st birthday session and obviously loved her cake too! She was super cute in pink and as a 1st birthday photographer in Tampa, I was able to see how crazy she is about her daddy during the session! I’ve been photographing her since birth and this sweet baby girl always lights up for him. As a Tampa baby photographer,  it was so fun to watch.  Love love LOVED all the cute and funny faces this sweet birthday girl made! For her 1st birthday photography session, she was easy to make smile and was happy the whole time!  (1st birthday photographer Tampa)

1st Birthday Photographer Tampa
1st birthday photographer Tampa


1st Birthday Photographer Tampa


1st Birthday Photographer Tampa
1st Birthday Photographer Tampa
1st Birthday Photographer Tampa


New Sibling Love (tampa infant photographer)

(tampa infant photographer)  All my clients with newborns that also have young siblings that we incorporate into the session KNOW how it is a “family affair” to get a young child (3 and under) to cooperate with a newborn!  I have posted pull backs before of everyone gathered around the “babies” with treats to try to get the toddler even close to the baby!  It is actually quite funny.  We always manage to pull out a few priceless photos that mommys and daddys will always treasure but I had to post this picture of a recent sibling session.  LOVE the look on this adorable little guys face as we are persuading him to get close to his new baby brother!  Do you see anything else funny?  Look closely, there is a treat somewhere in the picture waiting for “pick up”… you know I am supposed to snap the shutter at the EXACT time this quick little guy reaches down for his treat!  LOL!  Cracks me up!  (I actually don’t think that he fell for our trick and never picked up that treat!)  Needless to say, there are priceless images of the 2 of them together but this one really “tells all”! (tampa infant photographer)

tampa infant photographer

Blue-eyed Birthday Girl! (first birthday cake smash)

First birthday cake smash First I have to say, I absolutely love love love this family! As a Tampa first birthday photographer, it’s always an honor to work with a family that you’ve been with since their one-year old was in mommy’s tummy! Loved watching these little ladies grow up so fast! This was little lady’s first birthday cake smash session and it was tons of fun! These adorable sisters had similar outfits that were handmade at a local boutique and little sister loved playing with her dress during her first birthday session. She had the most fun when got the tape from the balloons stuck on her hand. As she tried to get it off, she was laughing the whole time! This fun first birthday cake smash session was one of my favorites! (first birthday cake smash)


tampa first birthday photographer
tampa first birthday photographer


tampa first birthday photographer
tampa first birthday photographer






tampa first birthday photographer
tampa first birthday photographer
tampa first birthday photographer
tampa first birthday photographer
tampa first birthday photographer


tampa first birthday photographer
tampa first birthday photographer

It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to! (first birthday cake smash)

I have to say that this first birthday cake smash session speaks for itself! I absolutely LOVE this family and it seems like just yesterday I was doing big sister’s cake smash session! This little guy gave me so many great smiles during his session even during his first birthday cake smash portion of the session. And boy was he nicely dressed for the occasion. His classic full-suit baby tuxedo was the perfect touch for this first birthday cake smash session. But when big sister tried to snag some of the cake, this little guy threw the most adorable fit, trying to smile and cry at the same time! It was absolutely hilarious! I had a blast doing this session and from the looks of it, I’m guessing he did too! 🙂 (first birthday cake smash)

Merenda Collage1
first birthday cake smash
first birthday cake smash



MSC Collage 2
first birthday cake smash
first birthday cake smash
first birthday cake smash

Happy Mothers Day (tampa family photographer)

(tampa family photographer) A special Happy Mothers day to all the amazing moms! I am so lucky to be able to capture precious “mommy and me” moments throughout the year at many of my sessions. Here is just a small sampling of the many wonderful moms I meet each week! I hope that all my client mommies have wonderful day (and other moms to)! (tampa family photographer)

mothers collage

A serious birthday party…. (tampa first birthday pictures)

(tampa first birthday pictures)  This little one was “serious” about her cake smash session. I don’t think she thought there was to much to crack a smile about on this particular day. There were no fun and games- she was on a mission… get this over with LOL!  Little did she know that she looks just as cute serious and she couldn’t hold it in for the whole session so we did get a few smirks out of her here and there! I will say though that she gave me one of my FAVORITE smash cake photos ever…. can you guess which one?  It is for sure one of a kind and something that I have not ever had another one year old do (yet :))!

tampa first birthday pictures





tampa first birthday pictures


IA5C0925 IA5C0916

Cutie Patooties {tampa baby photographer}

{tampa baby photographer} These two adorable babies started the New Beginnings Plan a little bit later than the usual so their 3 sessions were slightly adjusted from the “normal” three sessions that go with the plan (newborn, sitting up and one year).  But we made it work just the same.  Here a couple fun before and afters (their first session to their last)  and then a last one of them together from the beginning to the the last session! For their last session (the outside image) they were super busy and it was almost impossible to get them to stay together without one getting up and toddling off but I think we got at least this one of them together.  I will certainly miss seeing them frequently!  {tampa baby photographer}




Happy Birthday Mr. Crazy man! LOL! (first birthday smash cake)

(first birthday smash cake)  This crazy little guy was just that during his first birthday photography session, *crazy*!  But in the good “chase me around, I am happy and want to runway” kind of crazy!  As you can tell, he was hilarious and full of his awesome personality!  Thank you to Mmmm Delicious Cupcakes for making this super sized cupcake that worked out perfectly for the smash cake part of his session!  As you can tell, he didn’t like it all! LOL! This was his last session (the first birthday smash cake photography session) of the TGP New Beginnings Plan and although I am positive I will be seeing him again :)… I hate that his year with me is already done!  After his family chooses his images from this session TGP will begin to design his custom album that comes with his plan and they will have a beautiful keepsake from his first year.  Along with all of the images/digital files and products that were ordered from each session his mommy will have long lasting memories of that cherished first year.  I am sure, that she will tell you they are *priceless* to her and she will enjoy them for many years to come!  Here is her sneak peak of her upcoming gallery which has MANY more adorable images in it! (first birthday smash cake)

birthday collage

first birthday smash cake session
first birthday smash cake


first birthday smash cake