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The Beauty Of Pregnancy + Beautiful Maternity Photography by Tracy Gabbard

Pregnancy is really a special time in a woman’s life. Not every person concurs, but rather pregnancy truly is a extraordinary experience.

Pregnancy comes with good and bad times, and here and there it tends to be difficult to acknowledge your new, pregnant shape. Yet, pregnancy is the most beautiful ability women have to create new life and something that must be celebrated!

That is the reason why I must give you 7 reasons why pregnancy is lovely!

1. Creating life


There is nothing more astounding than creating a new life! Simply consider all the stunning changes that will be happening to your child every day during those 9 months. That is delightful!

2. New shape with a purpose

As that life is made, your shape will change. It’s on purpose! It’s not on account of you’re not practicing or not eating great; this is a direct result of that astounding new life. Cherish it!

3. Flawlessly femininity

Is there anything that can be compared to pregnancy? It’s a unique experience, the ultimate female gift!

4. Physical rewards

A great deal of ladies do encounter silky hair, nails, bigger bosoms, and so on while pregnant. Why not appreciate it?

5. Those little kicks!

Knowing that inside your belly, there is a genuine, live child is truly amazing! How many of you simply sit and watch the infant move at times?

6. No stressing over additional weight

For once, you don’t need to fuss that your hips are somewhat more extensive, or your thighs are kissing. Regardless of whether the additional weight you gain isn’t in your fault, it is there for a reason: to feed your baby! Love your pregnant shape overall!

7. Baby Arrival

That little one and its arrival, regardless of how it happens, is an beautiful thing. There is simply nothing else like it. Encountering the birth and afterward holding the infant that developed in your body every one of those months… stunning!

Collin’s First Year And His Brother Will Draw A Smile On Your Face!

The weekend is about to start and we want to bring you this heartwarming session that is all about Collin and his brother! As part of their First Year Plan,  they had so much fun at the studio with Tracy. you can totally see how full of energy they both are, they love each other and you can totally feel it through the photographs. The first year has been an amazing journey for the family and bonding with his brother has been one of the most important times of the year! 

Collin is now starting to sit up and walk and his brother is right there next to him, the entire family is so proud, it definitely brought some special moments in the studio. So full of love! And don’t forget the cake at the end, Collin ate his very first birthday cake as soon as he got the chance to play with it.

Tracy focuses on providing custom art work for your walls and products that can be touched and held. She wants her families to take home ready to display images that will be enjoyed for years to come. While digital files are available the focuses of each session is to create beautiful art, albums and treasured folio boxes that will display your family images in the way they are meant to be shared. 

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5 Reasons To Invest on Newborn Photography Today!

Becoming a parent is a blessing and a great time to celebrate life. One of the biggest reasons to invest in Newborn Photography is to take into consideration the fact that time goes by very fast and babies grow and change every day, so fast that we don’t even notice, you blink once or twice, and they are bigger, taller and you are left out wishing you had a better memory for the rest of your life.

1. The time that won’t come back:

Sure, you can take pictures with your phone or tablet, but no quality can be compared to the professional studio high-end quality photography that we can offer at our studio.

2. The value of an unforgettable memory that you can touch and feel.

One thing that a professional photo session can bring, is that incredible and perfect finish that reflects love and emotions captivated in one photograph. You will end up with a collection of incredibly beautiful pictures of your child and you can choose to hang them on the wall with beautiful frames, have a book with a collection of them, and many other physical forms.

3. Professional, stress-free delivery.

Especially for the mother, the first weeks after becoming a mom can be very tough on the mother, and dealing with stress, developing a new routine and life in general, can be exhausting. At the same time, your baby is still growing and changing as you go. Having a professional taking care of the memories is just stress-free and an overall warming experience.

4. Creativity

The beauty of Newborn Photography remains in the ability to capture the expressions of the baby and at the same time, mixing it with a theme or creative ideas. Not too long ago, Tracy had a beautiful baby whose middle name is Rose and of course, some beautiful pink roses were the best props for the pictures. There are simply countless ideas to make the photos unique and special.

5. Safety

It takes a mother to know how to treat a baby or children in general. Tracy is a mother of two, and it’s her passion to interact with the little ones. She takes care of them and makes sure the experience is free of stress for the baby, children as well as the parents involved. It is truly a unique experience.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment with Tracy Gabbard at https://tracygabbard.com/contact/

Summertime Maternity Session (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer) So I have to say that these two were absolutely adorable during their maternity session on this warm summer afternoon. I was so happy that the weather worked out for us! We were at a local park for this one and the sunlight was awesome! As a tampa maternity photographer,  I can still remember how thrilled mommy and daddy were for the soon expected arrival of their sweet bundle of joy. Also, they love love love FSU (if you couldn’t already tell 🙂 Can’t wait to share their newborn session soon ! Stay tuned! (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer
Dulane Collage3
tampa maternity photographer


tampa maternity photographer

Fun in the Sun Beach Maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer) This awesome couple was lots of fun. They traveled from Plant City all the way to Clearwater Beach for their beach session. Their love for each other was totally obvious during their session and as a Tampa maternity photographer I love being able to capture that for them. The pure joy for their new baby truly makes the images so real and meaningful.

     It was an absolutely beautiful night (as you can see). We thought it might be chilly but it turned out to be gorgeous. The wrap material on the beach was all Mommy’s idea. She braved changing on the beach (thankfully it was not to busy that night) and we even thought the “beach police” were headed our way at one point as she was changing! She was covered with a towel but we were all like nervous teenagers! LOL! We had tons of fun and captured some really great images for their maternity session. The couple’s newborn session was just as awesome and I look forward to sharing their precious baby girl soon! Stay tuned! (tampa maternity photographer)



tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer




tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer

Beautiful light, Beautiful Beach Maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(Tampa maternity photographer)  Scheduling a beach session at this time of the year is always challenging with the unpredictable weather.  Well, who am I kidding- scheduling a beach session at anytime of the year is challenging in Florida as we NEVER know when a rain shower could arrive but during this time of the year there are other elements to consider as well.  Wind and cold temperatures are at the top of the concern list for this time of the year.  It was not different for this tampa maternity session.  We had it scheduled for just a little bit later but this smart mommy to be was watching the weather and contacted me to see if we could move it up a few days since a cold front was expected our our originally scheduled day.  It was  GREAT move (as you can see) since we had amazing light, beautiful temperatures and only a little breeze!

I am really looking forward to getting to know this couple this year as their next session will be their newborn session (delivery expected in just a few short weeks) as part of the TGP New Beginnings Plan.  They choose to add on a maternity session to the plan and I think it was a very smart move considering how their session turned out!  They will have amazing images to look back on and remember this special time of their lives!  This will probably be their last “easy” beach session as I am sure any that they consider in the future will include an adorable child! LOL!  (tampa maternity photographer)


tampa maternity photographer


tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer