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Sneak A Peak Inside These Photo Albums, #11 Keeps A Secret!

Today we brought together a couple print ready pages from different photo albums so you can sneak a peak inside the creative process through Tracy Gabbard’s Photo sessions. She is absolutely devoted to babies and their first milestones and she loves creating a beautiful canvas around the babies from the very beginning all the way through they start crawling and sitting up.

The photography that Tracy offers in the Tampa Bay area is a high end quality service that ensures that your memories will be kept intact in time. She offers a variety of printable options to hang these beautiful photographs on the wall and also keep them in albums.

Now join us down below and get ready to get your daily dose of cuteness! These babies are absolutely cute and fuzzy, you can recognize them by the usual feminine and masculine colors but most importantly, their families always include something special as props, it could be a special blanket, a toy, a themed session, flowers and more.

Tracy’s personality and style create contemporary yet timeless images that will last a lifetime.  Her sense of style will make each session unique in its own way yet at the same time, all of your first year images will flow to create a story that will be forever cherished.

This story could be told in many different ways. From the popular NBP (The New Beginnings Plan) album to a beautiful custom created wall portrait collage or albums from each session to create a first year library the story will be all yours. Beautifully created and custom designed by Tracy. These will be forever cherished products that will be cherished forever.

Don’t hesitate to contact Tracy for questions, she will be more than happy to help you start making memories as soon as possible!

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Yawning Newborn Photography

Yawning Newborn Photography Tracy Gabbard Photography

I love capturing the moment when the baby yawns. Just stretching out, tired after making moms and dads tired, squinty eyes, settling in for a nap, …, I love being able to capture this on camera.  Babies gave me the most adorable poses, just being themselves, innocent and peaceful 🙂

I take shots from different angles, making sure I get as many unique expressions on camera as I can, and it’s absolute pleasure what I can do with the little ones! That’s what I love about my work, knowing that it’s not just about today, but that it will be there many years later, bringing smiles to kids, parents, grandparents as they look back at these photographs!

Yawning Newborn Photography

Yawning Newborn Photography

Yawning Newborn Photography

Post Script:
Yawn is a silent shout.” says Gilbert K Chesterton.