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New Sibling Love (tampa infant photographer)

(tampa infant photographer)  All my clients with newborns that also have young siblings that we incorporate into the session KNOW how it is a “family affair” to get a young child (3 and under) to cooperate with a newborn!  I have posted pull backs before of everyone gathered around the “babies” with treats to try to get the toddler even close to the baby!  It is actually quite funny.  We always manage to pull out a few priceless photos that mommys and daddys will always treasure but I had to post this picture of a recent sibling session.  LOVE the look on this adorable little guys face as we are persuading him to get close to his new baby brother!  Do you see anything else funny?  Look closely, there is a treat somewhere in the picture waiting for “pick up”… you know I am supposed to snap the shutter at the EXACT time this quick little guy reaches down for his treat!  LOL!  Cracks me up!  (I actually don’t think that he fell for our trick and never picked up that treat!)  Needless to say, there are priceless images of the 2 of them together but this one really “tells all”! (tampa infant photographer)

tampa infant photographer