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More beach photography and more to come! (tampa, clearwater, family photographer, beach photography)

It is always fun to photography family and believe it or not I don’t get the opportunity that often.  This is my favorite nephew (does it count that he is my only nephew?:)) and his family.  Thankfully, the summer weather is starting to disappear and hopefully we won’t have to reschedule to many more sessions.  The sky had some dark clouds as you can see, but the weather held off just long enough for us to finish and it turned out beautifully,  although my “primadona” sister -in-law wouldn’t agree as she complained of sand, bugs and heat!  The boys were great, I am not sure what she expected…. sand kind of comes with the territory on the beach, don’t you think? 🙂  You know I love you Lisa! 🙂  I am glad you loved your gallery!

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Beach session, well, maybe not so much! (tampa, clearwater, family photographer)

So, this time of the year is really difficult to keep a beach session.  The weather rains EVERY DAY at sunset or right before.  This family had already rescheduled due to weather once so we were determined to make it happen this time.  Yeah, mother nature had a different idea!  Tara and her family (www.tarafreidley.com) were troopers but I think we had more out take images than anything else.  Just thought it would be fun to post a few, as you can tell, we will have to reschedule again.  It rained before, during and after.  Here is what a beach session looks like when you try to make it work with bad weather! 🙂  Enjoy, I hope it brings you a few smiles!


Yes, waiting in the car, hoping for some dry weather!


Then a rainbow came out… I thought maybe this would bring us some good luck…. not so much! 🙂



I think this is pretty much the way the evening was (at least weather wise)!  I couldn’t help but post these two hilarious images.  They are truly some of my favorites ever and will for sure be going on the “out takes” album on the Tracy Gabbard Photography Facebook fan page.  Don’t forget to join!  Just click the facebook logo up at the top of the blog!


Cutie Pie (tampa, clearwater children’s and family photographer)

I love it when clients bring in something special from home to use as a prop in some of the images.  This family brought in a blanket that great grandma made.  How special is that?  These types of portraits always make such special portraits for the family also.  Here is a little preview for mom and grandma…. gallery coming soon girls! 🙂




This last one is my favorite… remember the days when your “baby(ies)” were really babies and they used to just “maul” your face when giving you kisses?  Look how adorable!  I miss those big open mouth kisses…. priceless!


**Just as a side note… I filled two more Sneak Peak Of Santa Mini sessions times today,  only a few left!  It is such a FUN session for families I can’t wait! Call or email soon if you are interested! If you check the blog post below there is a little bit more info on it.

Such a nice family (tampa, clearwater family photographer)

So, what kind of session is it when you have 5 adults, 1 second grader, 2 preschoolers, 1 toddler and a baby?  FUN! 🙂


No, seriously, that is a great outtake and cracks me up but this family was so much fun and we had a great session!  Here is a quick sneak peak! Gallery coming soon!






I love this last image…. they are SO NOT into me and completely just doing their own thing.  That grass must be REALLY cool! I love it! Great wall print canvas… in my professional opinion of course 🙂


Sneak Peak of Santa Questions (tampa clearwater family photographer)

I have had a few questions about the Sneak Peak of Santa mini sessions.  So, I thought I would go ahead and answer them here for everyone in case others had questions also.  Sneak Peak of Santa is GREAT for families with young children (and fun for older ones also).  It accomplishes many things all in one quick 30 minutes or so.  Basically this session works best if Santa is mom, dad or someone familiar to the child.  The Santa suit is provided but we never really have to put the full beard on.  If we do any head shots of Santa it is usually the back of Santa which only requires hat and hair.  Remember, it is a SNEAK PEAK of Santa!  This is great for many reasons.  First, young children are often scared of Santa and will not usually interact with him at all.  Second, children interact so much more naturally with their parents or a familiar person.  This helps create priceless images!  It is a great way to get Santa pictures and these images not only make great holiday portraits but are perfect for fun holiday cards.  If you do not have anyone that can or will put on the Santa suit we can provide someone for you if you need it.  It works for multiple children and just one.  Babies are precious in these images also.  Here are just a couple of last years and a sample custom created card (front and back) that was ordered.  If you have any other questions please call.  Also- if you know a family that you think would make a great fit for this type of session send them my way.  This is a ONE of a kind session that I have not seen done anywhere else in this area (until another photographer steels it :))!  Just a reminder these mini sessions will only be held on Saturday, November 14th so space in limited.  It seems far away but it comes up so quickly!

santa pics

santa 1 copy

santa 1back copy

A little easier but only a little (personal)

So, I officially have a first grader and although it was DEFINITELY easier than the first day of kindergarten I was still sad! It just goes WAY TO FAST!  Our tradition every year, first day of school is to take “sign pictures”.  Yes, even at first grade he already hates it but still allows me to capture a couple quick shots… Taylor on the other hand started having a fit when I asked her to stand somewhere else (not in the camera view finder) and I had to get daddy to come help out as she screamed her way inside the house!  FUNNY!  You think that will last?  I kind of think not!  I am so proud of my “guy” as he just adjusts to all situations and seems to just jump right in as new experiences come his way.  Here are our yearly “sign pics”… they get less and less every year.  Hopefully, I can get at least one every year!  You think it is unrealistic to try to get them through high school (ha!ha!)



Tracy Gabbard, Clearwater Family Photographer

Awesome Wall Art (tampa, clearwater family photography, photographer)

Wow- what a display!  These portraits were in my home for a week or so because they came in while the family was on vacation.  I honestly didn’t want to give them up!  They look incredible!  The family one is a 30×40 with out the frame and the other one is 24×30 with out the frame.  Gorgeous!




First Post on new blog! So excited! (Tampa, clearwater family photographer)

I am so excited about my new web site and blog! Bigger, better pictures… more options…more FUN!  Make sure you go check out the web site!  There are new pictures (maybe you will see someone you know or love :)), bigger pictures, and awesome “boutique” with all kinds of new products!  Don’t forget holiday shopping is coming up!   Shopping… that brings me to Holiday sessions!  I have been saving this post for the “new blog” although it should have been posted a long time ago but I just couldn’t bring myself to post it on the old one with the old “style”.  Yes, it is only August (almost September :)) and I am already talking Holiday Sessions! I will be having two sets of mini sessions this year.  “Pictures in the Park” and the annual “Sneak Peak of Santa” mini sessions.  “Sneak Peak of Santa” has availability for 10 sessions that day and 2 are already scheduled, leaving only 8 and I haven’t even advertised yet!  Call the studio for more details on each session.   If you are interested in regular family sessions for holiday or just because 🙂 make sure to call soon as dates are filling quickly.  Several weeks in September and October are already fully scheduled and there are limited dates available through out other weeks.  Orders for products (ie; leather products, jewelry, etc…) must be in by November 7th to guarantee holiday delivery.

sneak peak of santa mini sessions

santa blog

Park Mini Sessions

On a side note THANK YOU to Chad a New Vibe Web Design for an incredible site, blog and ideas!  His customer service rocks and he is always open to new ideas!  Highly recommend him if you are in need of some web site updates, designs or problems.   Hope to see you soon for holiday sessions or any other photography needs!