Cutie Pie (tampa, clearwater children’s and family photographer)

I love it when clients bring in something special from home to use as a prop in some of the images.  This family brought in a blanket that great grandma made.  How special is that?  These types of portraits always make such special portraits for the family also.  Here is a little preview for mom and grandma…. gallery coming soon girls! 🙂




This last one is my favorite… remember the days when your “baby(ies)” were really babies and they used to just “maul” your face when giving you kisses?  Look how adorable!  I miss those big open mouth kisses…. priceless!


**Just as a side note… I filled two more Sneak Peak Of Santa Mini sessions times today,  only a few left!  It is such a FUN session for families I can’t wait! Call or email soon if you are interested! If you check the blog post below there is a little bit more info on it.

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