Sneak Peak of Santa Questions (tampa clearwater family photographer)

I have had a few questions about the Sneak Peak of Santa mini sessions.  So, I thought I would go ahead and answer them here for everyone in case others had questions also.  Sneak Peak of Santa is GREAT for families with young children (and fun for older ones also).  It accomplishes many things all in one quick 30 minutes or so.  Basically this session works best if Santa is mom, dad or someone familiar to the child.  The Santa suit is provided but we never really have to put the full beard on.  If we do any head shots of Santa it is usually the back of Santa which only requires hat and hair.  Remember, it is a SNEAK PEAK of Santa!  This is great for many reasons.  First, young children are often scared of Santa and will not usually interact with him at all.  Second, children interact so much more naturally with their parents or a familiar person.  This helps create priceless images!  It is a great way to get Santa pictures and these images not only make great holiday portraits but are perfect for fun holiday cards.  If you do not have anyone that can or will put on the Santa suit we can provide someone for you if you need it.  It works for multiple children and just one.  Babies are precious in these images also.  Here are just a couple of last years and a sample custom created card (front and back) that was ordered.  If you have any other questions please call.  Also- if you know a family that you think would make a great fit for this type of session send them my way.  This is a ONE of a kind session that I have not seen done anywhere else in this area (until another photographer steels it :))!  Just a reminder these mini sessions will only be held on Saturday, November 14th so space in limited.  It seems far away but it comes up so quickly!

santa pics

santa 1 copy

santa 1back copy

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