A little easier but only a little (personal)

So, I officially have a first grader and although it was DEFINITELY easier than the first day of kindergarten I was still sad! It just goes WAY TO FAST!  Our tradition every year, first day of school is to take “sign pictures”.  Yes, even at first grade he already hates it but still allows me to capture a couple quick shots… Taylor on the other hand started having a fit when I asked her to stand somewhere else (not in the camera view finder) and I had to get daddy to come help out as she screamed her way inside the house!  FUNNY!  You think that will last?  I kind of think not!  I am so proud of my “guy” as he just adjusts to all situations and seems to just jump right in as new experiences come his way.  Here are our yearly “sign pics”… they get less and less every year.  Hopefully, I can get at least one every year!  You think it is unrealistic to try to get them through high school (ha!ha!)



Tracy Gabbard, Clearwater Family Photographer

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