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Small, Sweet, Tiny Little Baby Feet

Small, Sweet, Tiny Little Baby Feet!
Newborn Photography

When capturing the most precious moments of a newborns first couple weeks I always try to remember not to forget the details of their ity bity little bodies.  I won’t lie, those little toes and feet are definitely my favorite!  Even when my babies were little I was obsessed with their little feet. When they are that little they even smell good! 🙂  Here’s just a small sampling of a bunch of the cutest tiny little, small and sweet, toes and feet you have ever seen…

Small, Sweet, Tiny Little Baby Feet - Newborn Photography
Small, Sweet, Tiny Little Baby Feet – Newborn Photography


TGP Style – White on White

TGP Style White on White – it is my very favorite color!  

I am always drawn to white in my portraits. To me, it is so beautiful, simple, clean and classic. In my eyes it represents a modern yet timeless look that captures the simplicity of a baby, child or family.

The Tracy Gabbard Photography studio is WHITE and it captures the light beautifully. White makes the baby, child or family “pop” because they become the color, they become the focus, they become the memory.  Not the surroundings around them.

So in celebration of “white” 🙂 here are some of the many white on white images that I have been lucky enough to capture!


Newborn Photography – TGP Wraps Newborns in Style

Newborn Photography – Wraps with Tracy Gabbard Photography
Most newborns LOVE to be snuggled up and swaddled. Keeping them all snuggled is one technique to help keep them content and sometimes asleep during their newborn session.  I love these little ones in the their wraps, and they are loving being in them too! 🙂


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Who’s got the cutest hat?

Although I love to see all my babies hair or “lack of hair” 🙂  It is also fun to put cute hats and bonnets on them to.  Some of my clients bring their own but I have many as well that I love to use.  Babies of all ages look adorable in hats!  I won’t lie, sometimes it is tricky to get the older babies to keep them on but I work with mom or dad to get it at least a couple of good portraits in their hats.   We quickly try the “distract, drop and run” method and I click the shutter crossing our fingers for that perfect split second shot!  Other babies don’t mind them at all.  Either way, it is fun trying and as you can see they all look absolutely adorable!

TGP-hatsTGP-hats-1 TGP-hats-2 TGP-hats-3 TGP-hats-6TGP-hats-4TGP-hats5


Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

Brand New Big Brothers and Sisters in Studio (Tracy Gabbard Photography)

Photographing a newborn with a sibling (younger ones especially) is one of my favorite things in a newborn session!  I will not lie, much of the time it takes A LOT of patience and MANY clicks of the camera to capture a handful of sweet sibling photos but once they are captured, there is nothing sweeter!!!  What makes it so difficult to capture those precious moments?  Well…. let  me explain!  First of all newborns are typically photographed with in the first 5-12 days of birth.  Younger “big sisters or brothers” have just had their world rocked with a demanding baby!  After those first couple days when the newness of the baby has worn off for them, they often want NOTHING to do with this alien that just invaded their world.  Younger (preschool age) children can be difficult to photograph without the newness of a baby sibling SO throw that in the mix and you have a potentially challenging portion of the session.  I LOVE when the siblings interact with the baby.  These two below were “helping” cover the baby.  Sometimes encouraging them to “help” is a good way to get them in the same spot for a quick photo!

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

Trying to get a newborn to stay asleep while getting a preschooler to cooperate and “pose” is not easy.  Many times the best way to do this is to put the baby on something instead of having the sibling hold the baby.  Often young children don’t feel comfortable holding their new baby anyway and it can be dangerous as they are unpredictable and may possibly get up without warning and leave the baby.  I always have moms and dads helping hands close by for the baby no matter if he or she is in the siblings arms or in a prop.  Safety first, always!!!!  That is not to say that it is impossible to get a preschooler to hold their new baby!  It can be done but always safely on the floor and with adult arms close by to help.

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

And then there are always the “smiling” looking at the camera pictures”  Those are classic and always favorites.

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

Newborns and their big brothers and sisters

I often think it would be funny to record the sibling portion of a newborn session!  With mom, dad and me working together to keep the older child in an area of the baby, and all of us acting silly trying to get them to look at the camera or bribing with little treats!  Maybe one day I will try to capture that on video! 🙂

OMG!! Can I keep her? (Tampa Newborn Photographer)

Newborn PhotographerTGP Clearwater | Tampa

Look at that hair and those chunkers!  She was super sweet and so snuggly for her session today.  She LOVED being held (right up my alley!  To bad I have to actually put them down to take their pictures! LOL!)  and I loved snuggling her when she wasn’t modeling for her pictures!  Mom is n’t on Facebook (yes, I know there are still a few left! :)) so giving her a quick peak of her session on the blog today! (tampa newborn photographer)

Photos by - Clearwater Tampa Newborn Photographer

Newborn Quick Sneak Peak ( tampa newborn photographer)

So- there is this rare phenomenon called NOT being on social media! LOL!  Well, this mommy is not on any of the social media outlets and lets face it, with a new baby, she doesn’t have much time for it anyway!  So, she is getting her quick sneak peak here!  Although we did use colors in her session I love the look of white on white and this baby looks amazing in white.  Really showing off her olive skin tone.  So I thought I would keep this theme going for her sneak peak! (tampa newborn photographer)

tampa newborn photographer

(tampa newborn photographer)