Tampa, clearwater family photographer A touch of fall!

A touch of fall… or autumn I should say.  That is what I felt like when this family joined me in studio with their awesome clothing colors!  These colors look so warm and “rich” I really enjoyed the change of pace!  This littlest member of this family was part of my “Littlest Model Search” over the summer (which I plan to have again soon…stay tuned for details!) and now has become part of the New Beginnings Plan which will give him sessions with TGP throughout his whole first year.  Anyway, this was his 3 month session and it was decided that we would try for some family photos also.  And although, in my opinion 3 months is one of the hardest ages to capture, look at this beautiful family and adorable 3 month old! Why is 3 months so hard?  Because they are not sitting yet but they are past that “curling up” stage.  They have NO control over their limbs which constantly swing infront of their adorable little faces and although they are super smiley face to face they become mesmerized with the camera the moment it goes in front of them.  They are however, super squishy and loveable and that is why I don’t care how hard they are to photograph… I love to do it anyway!  Enjoy a sneak peak “L” family! Gallery is coming quickly!







19 thoughts on “Tampa, clearwater family photographer A touch of fall!

  1. We really loved the first one with Tony and Aliyah. It really shows the wonder of kids and how they look up to their daddys. The family portrait is amazing as well. I love how they are all wearing the same colors and how Aliyah stands out just a litte:. Our favorite is the one with Kai that is in black and white. These pictures are keepsakes!

  2. The pictures are awesome. My favorite is the one of all 4 of you sitting down. The last one of Kai is beautiful; he’s looking right at the viewer.Aliyah is just a little Princess!

  3. All the photos are great, but I particularly like the one of the four of you with Kai with a big smile, the one of the four of you sitting is perfect and all the ones of the kids are good. It’s a tough choice, they are all good.

  4. Wow they are all GREAT! Love the family portrait of you guys sitting. The one of Aliyah looking up at Tony is a fun moment in time captured on film. The black & white of Kai in just his shorts is too cute!

  5. these pictures are amazing…i love the pic of father & daughter. The family portrait is beautiful. You are a great artist to capture such beautiful expressions on all faces.

  6. My favorite family photo is the first one with baby’s shirt off. Jenn, I think your photographer is missing out if she does not use your little princess for some marketing photo’s. She IS beautiful.

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