“Fun in “town” (tampa, clearwater family, children’s photographer)

This was a great session in a small downtown area! This “little man” has been modeling for years and has even been in a national commercial (you can see why!)! Mom needed a few updated head shots and wanted some “mom and son” pictures as it is SO rare for moms to actually be in the pictures (I totally get that one!).  I love the setting in these and the night was so beautiful if it wasn’t for the sunlight getting low I could have kept this session going for a long time!  Its so easy to work with older children and adults! 🙂  I forget that sometimes!  Enjoy your sneak peak mom and your gallery will be there by the end of the week!





Last but not least…. we played a little trick.  I counted to three and mom splashed him…. he was a little surprised to say the least! 🙂


0 thoughts on ““Fun in “town” (tampa, clearwater family, children’s photographer)

  1. Karrie these are fantastic!! You should use them for a Christmas card photo. I agree with Cindy…..you could get your own modeling gigs, you hot momma! Its easy to see where Dylan gets it from. LOVE, LOVE,LOVE them!

  2. Love these pictures! My favorite is the first picture with Mother and Son walking down the street. I love the common street setting, but Tracy, you caught the facial interaction between the subjects. Good job!

  3. Oh my gosh, how cute! Karrie you look like a model, maybe you should go on some of the modeling gigs with Dylan! Dylan is so cute and very animated, can I be his manager 🙂 Great photography, would love to get some head shots done !

    Good Job!


  4. Wow! What super shots of mom and son! Now we all know where Dylan gets it from, his beautiful mom! Thanks for sharing! Tracy, your work is gorgeous….I will definitely start spreading the word about your website.

  5. Tracy, Loved the photos!! That is my sister and my nephew! I live in another state and when my sister gave me this site of course I had to take a peek. You take amazing photos. Very natural looking! Be assured that when out family comes to town we will be calling to set up a session! Fabulous work!!!

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