Wheeewww, two on the move! (tampa, clearwater children’s photographer)

This has to be one of the best editing sessions… I cracked up almost the whole time I was editing these!  See that first image, how the little girl is a little blurry… well that is EXACTLY how this session was…. “on them move” she was a big blur in my camera lens but wow…. what a doll baby!  I have to say, it was not the best time for her as it was the afternoon, right at nap time but these two were hilarious!  We pulled out all the stops to get them together (hence the fish crackers all over the floor :)) and I think you can tell they had a little fun together and dont worry mom, all those crackers can be edited away if need be :)!  There are some beautiful images also but there is no way to post them all so here is a great preview for mom and family….









0 thoughts on “Wheeewww, two on the move! (tampa, clearwater children’s photographer)

  1. Loved the pictures. Their personalities were captured accurately. They are the cutest kids on earth, naturally. Tracy, you did a great job with the lighting, composition and portraiture. Looking forward to viewing the rest of them. Schalows-

  2. I would not edit a single thing, especially the Goldfish!! What precious pictures you have. I want to eat them up. Just yummy!! Copies for all?? Yeth!!

  3. The genetic tendencies of the Grandparents are becoming more evident!!!
    This may be a feature that needs to be monitored for the health of the Parents.
    Great photography

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