Windy but wonderful! (tampa, clearwater family photographer)

It was so great to be part of this families Florida vacation.  Especially since this was their kids FIRST trip ever to the beach!  How awesome to be able to be a part of it and capture those great moments!  These kids were awesome and even though it was REALLY windy and chilly the boys were so excited.  The littlest one (two years old) ended up in the car with dad to keep warm but I think the older boys could have stayed out there all night, even braving the water!









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  1. Tracy, thank you for documenting our children’s 1st trip to the beach. This was a big deal to us and after a lot of research I chose you to not only capture “Beach” photos but to capture the experience of our children seeing the beach for the 1st time. Thanks for a wonderful time and we will meet again hopefully it won’t be soooooo cold the next time.

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