Cold, cold, go away! (Tampa, Clearwater family photographer)

So many beach sessions lately and they are SO windy and cold! 🙁  This particular night wasn’t to bad and we were lucky enough that even though it rained (I mean RAINED!) ALL day, it cleared up just in time to head out to the beach.  It was such a fun session even though the littlest member of the family DID NOT like the sand!  Infact, he ended up with his shoes on as he basically refused to walk with them off.  Hey, when your two years old, you have ways of getting what you want! 🙂  Anyway, heres a few sneak peaks for mom and dad (they already got a quick sneak peak on facebook… join the fan club at!







0 thoughts on “Cold, cold, go away! (Tampa, Clearwater family photographer)

  1. HI…sorry I don’t know this family (I’m here viewing my friend’s baby bump) BUT I just HAD to comment how GORGEOUS this shot is! In fact all of them are keepers and what a beautfil family, my gosh…but this beach shot is truly amazing(my kudos to the photographer)! Have a wonderful life-and it looks like you are already blessed with it!

  2. Awesome! Love them all but the one with Nathan crying makes me laugh. Was is photoshoped? Can’t image Nathan crying. Kidding of course. Great job making him smile when he was having amelt down!

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