Beach, beach beach…(tampa, clearwater family photographer)

So I know that this mom has been waiting on pins and needles for sneak peak!  She would NEVER say anything to me but I know she has been wondering when… and because I am delayed in getting this to her I will post a couple extra images!  She knows I am right! 🙂  Anyway, another great beach session with out the sunset!  I am thinking the sun is hiding from me these days.  It seems as if the evenings I am not out on a session the sunsets are just beautiful!  Either way, these turned out great!  Enjoy a few extra images “G” family and you can look forward to getting your gallery this week!  Thanks for being patient!



Look how “engaged” daughter and daddy are together!  I love when I can capture those moments!  It’s like they forgot I was even there!



Look at her face on this first image below…. PURE JOY!



Last but not least… mommy and “baby”!  This little one (who I am sure you have seen many times on the blog) was all about daddy that night but at the end as she was winding down she “turned on” all that love that “babies” have for their mommies!  I love the second image… I can just feel my own daughter looking at me when I hold her and nothing else exists but her and I for that brief moment.


0 thoughts on “Beach, beach beach…(tampa, clearwater family photographer)

  1. AWWWWWW!!!! You guys are such a beautiful family…sniff, sniff! Miss you guys!!!! What beautiful pictures Tracy. I need to bring my kids down there and have you do their pictures. You have just inspired me not waste any more time!

  2. Excellent job Tracy!!! you have an artists eye! You’re able to capture the beauty and the expressivness that is gone in a second. These photos are evidence of that. Thank you so much for making such beautiful memories for us all. Good luck in this endeavor.

  3. Tracy,

    You are a gifted photographer/artist! You have captured the essenense of my daughter Aimee and her family! Thank you for the gift of love!

    Love ya,

    Mamma Chulla

  4. My impression via the ChuGa was that the shoot may have been a bust! What a farce! Though I doubt my input helps you towards your free 5×7 Chu, I think there are some great shots here! As always, Tracy does a phenomenal job!

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