Preciousness! (tampa, clearwater newborn photographer)

Okay~I had the hardest time narrowing down these images for a blog post but considering what happened on our first try at the session I am adding in a few extras for mom and dad!  What happened you asked? 🙂  Well, while holding this precious baby I reached into my car and dislocated my shoulder (old injury)!  I had not even taken any pictures yet!  I did however, keep the baby safe in my other arm! The worst part… I could not get my shoulder “back in” so I had to drive myself to the ER for a little help!  Yes, embarrassing!  I guess it will be a good story for her baby book!  We did get in a VERY successful rescheduled session as you will see and this family is participating in the TGP New Beginnings Plan so I will be lucky enough to photograph her several more times throughout the her first year!  I already can’t wait to see her next time!





Okay- so I guess the second one in the set below is more of an outtake but it cracks me up every time!  I love it! 🙂



31 thoughts on “Preciousness! (tampa, clearwater newborn photographer)

  1. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! Love the one with her in the basket! You should submit that to Anne Geddes! We could never do that kind of photo shoot here (baby with no clothes on outside) Its way too cold for that! 🙂

  2. OMG…such precious pictures!!!! She is so cute. I love the outtake too! Too funny. The dislocated shoulder makes for a funny story that Sophia can share when she gets older. Such beautiful blue eyes…congrats mom and dad!!

  3. As grandma, I might be a bit prejudiced, but Sophia is beautiful! Tracy you are so patient and wait for just the right moment to get these great shoots. Thanks.

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