Family (tampa, clearwater family photographer)

Ahhhh… weather, the topic of conversations these days!  It is finally warming up but it wasn’t quite soon enough for this family.  It was SUPER windy and cold for these “troopers” but they hung in there and kept it going until the end! I thought about blogging a few outtakes with everyone’s hair in their faces and the kids teeth chattering but I decided to spare the family the painful reminder 🙂  Thankfully we did get lots of great photos and we will just pretend the like the wind was a fan blowing to make everyone look glamorous! 🙂  Enjoy!

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  1. Kim’s are the most beautiful pregnancy photographs I have ever seen. Art that touches the heart and that will forever be cherished. Looking forward to seeing the ones taken when this little miracle arrives. Just so beautiful…..

  2. Tracy, these are beautiful despite the crazy weather. Thanks for being out there with us….I especially like the close up of Isabella and the big group photo by the azaleas. Gorgeous!

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