The click of a shutter…. (first birthday photographer)

(first birthday photographer)  Seriously, the images that were created for this gallery were split seconds in time as this HAPPY little toddler RAN through the studio!  Mom and I were out of breath chasing her around.  So, if you look below and see her sitting….that is literally one split second, just long enough for the shutter to click!  LOL!  Truly, I have “standard” camera settings that I usually use in the studio…. I changed them for her to make sure I could actually capture some in focus! LOL!  However, as busy as she was with her toddler “frankenstein” walk (you know when they hold their arms out in front of them to balance :)), she was truly the happiest toddler I may have ever photographed.  There were hardly any images of her without a big smile on her face.  That is until the smash cake part of the photography session- which she was not to crazy about.  But that is okay it was a joy to meet her mom and spend time with her in the studio and I hope to see them again in the near future! (first birthday photographer)


first birthday photographer






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