Blissfull Happiness… (tampa, st. pete family photographer)

This was a family reunion of sorts, although part of the family coming in from Germany was snowed in and couldn’t make it!  What could be so special to fly in from Germany?  This couple was getting MARRIED!  How amazing is that?  They were so sweet and totally in love.  This session was full of laughter and the families were great to work with!  I hope you all had a wonderful ceremony and great sunset dinner afterwards “B” family! Enjoy your sneak peak… lots of fun images in your gallery which will be on its way soon!

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0 thoughts on “Blissfull Happiness… (tampa, st. pete family photographer)

  1. WOW! How beautiful and happy the bride looks! I love whatever filter she used on the camera. The shots came out nice an even. Can’t believe Zander in a suit! And how handsome he looks along side his handsome dad. Nice tie Hal. Nice pics. Where are you?

  2. Fabulous photos! Thanks Regina for sending the link. And thanks Tracy for capturing these happy moments! (And sorry if this is a repeat of my message. I goofed sending my first submission!)

  3. These are fantastic, Tracy! I can’t wait to see the rest of the gallery – thank you so much! Alexander keeps on refering to you as the “silly photographer” – you clearly know how to interact with kids and bring out their fun side. 🙂

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