Love this little guy! (tampa childrens photographer)

(tampa childrens photographer) Oh my goodness…. I love this little guy but I am not sure how much he loves me! 🙂  I have been photographing him and his family for several years now and I look forward to our sessions each time.  His siblings are just as precious but he just has SO many other things to do other than take pictures (like most little boys his age) with me.  He loves outdoors and the freedom it brings so hanging with me is a short lived occurrence and I better snap that shutter quick or he is GONE! 🙂  What I love is that I get so many fun expressions from him, he just lets it all out, no holding back his feelings.  As I edited this summer session I was inspired to create this collage of just him.  This session with his family is one I will always remember because as the kids neared the end of the session we all went out on the golf course and the kids took out their nets to catch fish in the ponds.  Well, Michael and I went off on our own for a little bit and just as the sun was setting he caught his first fish!  It was so exciting for both of us!  Here are few from our excursion! Hope you enjoy the fun this little guy brings to our sessions….                  (Tampa childrens photographer)

tampa childrens photographer

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