TGP New Beginnings Plan…3rd session (tampa baby photographer)

LOOOVE this little guy! We have had several sessions now and he is always so fun and full of personality.  I love editing his sessions as I am stuck with a permanent smile on my face the whole time.  He is part of the TGP New Beginnings Plan and I have been lucky enough to photograph him since he was in his mama’s tummy.  You can see the maternity session here and his newborn session here… His next session will be at one year 🙁 and then he will be a graduate of this great plan!  Thats the worst part of the deal for me… not getting to see these precious little gifts as often anymore! Anyway, this plan is a great gift for a special someone you know that is expecting (hint, hint, daddies and grandparents!).  It is truly a gift that will last a life time!  I could never choose my favorite sessions as each one brings something special each time!  The newborn sessions are just amazing and then the sitting up ones (usually right around 6 months) are SO much fun since their little personalities have developed and that shows right through to the images (they aren’t usually crawling yet either so that makes it fun to :)) and then the one year smash cake sessions are always a blast.  They require a little more chasing usually but the outcome is SO worth it!  Oh enough babble heres what you really want to see….

Tracy Gabbard, Tampa Baby Photographer

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer

tampa baby photographer

0 thoughts on “TGP New Beginnings Plan…3rd session (tampa baby photographer)

  1. How CUTE!! I have known Reeves dad for nearly 11 1/2 years now. It is so precious to see the transistion that he and his family have been through. This is amazing

  2. Theese are so adorable! It was hard to decide which one I like more-
    I like the one where he’s looking down because you can see his
    long eyelashes and the naked one next- he looks so perfect in his
    birthday suit!

  3. OK so how does Tracy hide the wings?!? Where do you tuck this little angel-dude’s wings, really? He is so adorable-don’t think he CAN have a bad photo, not to mention the huge talent of the photogrpher…very, very cool! Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see more!!

  4. What gorgeous pictures!! You capture the personality of Reeves along with his beautiful blue eyes and his dimpled smile!! These photos will be treasured as they show his growth during his first year.

  5. These are the best baby photographs I have ever seen. Reeves is photogenic, adorable and you just want to squeeze him ! Tracy you are so talented !

  6. Thanks Tracy! What gorgeous pictures! You are such a talented photographer and I am so lucky to have found you. I can’t wait to see the rest of them!!!

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