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The Magical Miracle Of Life Portrayed In Newborn Photography

We love newborns and we must share our love with you. Every little baby is cuter than the other and we just can’t have enough.

Their soft and smooth skin is irresistible, you will always be very tempted to kiss their foreheads! Fair warning, you will be guaranteed to go “aaawwwwnn” to every photograph we are sharing with you today.

With over a decade of a passionate career specialized in family and newborn photography, Tracy Gabbard is dedicated to creating high-end memories of the most important moments in the lives of many families in the Tampa Bay area.

Newborns are her absolute favorite little ones to work with and she can create an artistic canvas with different objects and props.

Everyday, couples who are expecting the arrival of the new member of the family, come to her with creative ideas for their first photo session.

They often do what we call the First Year Plan, and it’s dedicated to capture the growth process of the newborn from the very first days of being born to his/her first steps.

The first days, it is indispensable to photograph the cutest closeups of the baby’s hands and feet, they are at the tiniest size they will ever be and it’s a valuable memory you want to keep forever. Slowly progressing from them having their eyes closed to finally being able to see their eyes and their expression.

It is truly an amazing journey, not to mention how some babies start crawling all the way to sitting up and taking their first steps on camera. It’s a transition that every parent wants to have to be able to keep forever. It’s such a priceless moment in life. At the end of the year, the baby’s personality starts to flourish and Tracy makes sure to capture that as well.

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Expressions Captured In Every Photo Session + The Cutest Photos

Today we have a special article and it’s totally focused on the beauty of expressions. Babies can be very expressive and their personalities show through every picture. Tracy is a photographer in the Tampa Bay area and she is passionate about the little ones and their families. 

We gathered a few photos for you to enjoy and you will see how much a photograph can express. All babies are different and unique in their own way, some are very quiet and peaceful, others are more active and energetic, others are playful and curious and all of them are interesting and amazing to work with.

In the studio, Tracy and the families get together to create a plan for every session and discuss what they would love to see in the final result. She provides every family with high end products and featured prints that will keep the memories alive and can be hanged on the walls or kept as cherished photo albums. 

Take a look at every picture and if you look close enough, you will spot every different expression and you can almost feel and hear their moods. These are very valuable memories and definitely a fun time in the studio.

Tracy is passionate about creating wall art, legacy albums and personalized keepsakes for her families.  Although she believes digital files are important for archival purposes her mission is to guide you through the process of enjoying your treasures in your home and not on your computer.  That is why she will assist you at your gallery reveal to help you design the perfect products for your home.

Please contact Tracy to start planning your investment in photography and an ideal session with her. 

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Time To Sit Up! These Babies Will Melt Your Heart

Babies are capable of doing many things on their own, like learning to sit up. When your baby sits up depends a lot on your baby and how their motor skills are progressing. Scroll down for your daily dose of cuteness overload!



Sit Up! + Best Friend, Of Course

His dog is absolutely proud, look at those smiley faces. Absolutely adorable. When a baby can hold their head up and roll from front to back, sitting is definitely on the horizon. However, some babies get the crawling (army crawl) bug before the sitting bug. 

Each baby is different, but typically babies learn to sit up between 4 and 8 months, some babies take as long as 9 months to fully get it or more. It sometimes seems like your baby will never stop needing an arm to hold themselves up and then all of a sudden they are sitting up perfectly!

Look, mom! No hands!

Watching a baby figure out sitting up is wonderful to watch. Because every baby is different, there is no standard position a baby uses to sit up. 

And by the way, that’s enough sitting up for the day, he is now busy playing with his favorite toys. Happy Friday!

Tracy is passionate about creating wall art, legacy albums and personalized keepsakes for her families.  Although she believes digital files are important for archival purposes her mission is to guide you through the process of enjoying your treasures in your home and not on your computer.  That is why she will assist you at your gallery reveal to help you design the perfect products for your home.  Individual products start at 150.00 and the average client invests around 750.00 to 3500.00 on their forever keepsakes. 

Please contact Tracy to start planning your investment in photography and an ideal session with her. 


Summertime Maternity Session (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer) So I have to say that these two were absolutely adorable during their maternity session on this warm summer afternoon. I was so happy that the weather worked out for us! We were at a local park for this one and the sunlight was awesome! As a tampa maternity photographer,  I can still remember how thrilled mommy and daddy were for the soon expected arrival of their sweet bundle of joy. Also, they love love love FSU (if you couldn’t already tell 🙂 Can’t wait to share their newborn session soon ! Stay tuned! (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer
Dulane Collage3
tampa maternity photographer


tampa maternity photographer

Fun in the Sun Beach Maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(tampa maternity photographer) This awesome couple was lots of fun. They traveled from Plant City all the way to Clearwater Beach for their beach session. Their love for each other was totally obvious during their session and as a Tampa maternity photographer I love being able to capture that for them. The pure joy for their new baby truly makes the images so real and meaningful.

     It was an absolutely beautiful night (as you can see). We thought it might be chilly but it turned out to be gorgeous. The wrap material on the beach was all Mommy’s idea. She braved changing on the beach (thankfully it was not to busy that night) and we even thought the “beach police” were headed our way at one point as she was changing! She was covered with a towel but we were all like nervous teenagers! LOL! We had tons of fun and captured some really great images for their maternity session. The couple’s newborn session was just as awesome and I look forward to sharing their precious baby girl soon! Stay tuned! (tampa maternity photographer)



tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer




tampa maternity photographer



tampa maternity photographer

Beautiful light, Beautiful Beach Maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(Tampa maternity photographer)  Scheduling a beach session at this time of the year is always challenging with the unpredictable weather.  Well, who am I kidding- scheduling a beach session at anytime of the year is challenging in Florida as we NEVER know when a rain shower could arrive but during this time of the year there are other elements to consider as well.  Wind and cold temperatures are at the top of the concern list for this time of the year.  It was not different for this tampa maternity session.  We had it scheduled for just a little bit later but this smart mommy to be was watching the weather and contacted me to see if we could move it up a few days since a cold front was expected our our originally scheduled day.  It was  GREAT move (as you can see) since we had amazing light, beautiful temperatures and only a little breeze!

I am really looking forward to getting to know this couple this year as their next session will be their newborn session (delivery expected in just a few short weeks) as part of the TGP New Beginnings Plan.  They choose to add on a maternity session to the plan and I think it was a very smart move considering how their session turned out!  They will have amazing images to look back on and remember this special time of their lives!  This will probably be their last “easy” beach session as I am sure any that they consider in the future will include an adorable child! LOL!  (tampa maternity photographer)


tampa maternity photographer


tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer

Beautiful beach maternity (tampa maternity photographer)

(Tampa maternity photographer) Wow!  We sure lucked out with beautiful weather for this beach session.  This special couple is TGP’s newest member of the New Beginnings Plan.  Can you believe this mommy to be is due in just a couple short weeks!  She looks so amazing and so happy (daddy does to of course but I know it’s no secret that is is “all about mommy” during this time)! 🙂  We actually moved this session up a day early and it was pure luck that we did since the night we had originally scheduled ended up being one of the coldest nights of the year.  But this evening was absolutely perfect!  (tampa maternity photographer)

tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer
tampa maternity photographer

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